Action Tank

As far as we can tell, no one has taken the initiative to define the term, so we’re going to define it for our own purposes.

The etymology is pretty simple: “Action Tank” comes directly from “Think Tank.”

So what is the difference between a Think Tank and an Action Tank?

A Think Tank conducts research, and produces reports on the implications of the research. An action tank also conducts research, but does more than just issue a report. An Action Tank is an organization that conducts research, then develops and implements a plan of action based on the implications of that research.

To be more specific:

  • We conduct research that is relevant to our stakeholders.
  • We prefer to conduct research for the purposes of development rather than maintenance. This means we would rather invest in new programs than justify existing programs.
  • We view program development as a cyclical process rather than as a linear process. New programming can begin or end with research.
  • We are not afraid to work with existing partners or form new partnerships as part of our action planning.

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