Captain Lyre Calliope: An Introduction

I sat down to write this blog post and decided to first see what had been written so far… and would you believe it, I haven’t written a single post on this blog yet! I’m sure you all have questions regarding who this mysterious third person behind C4 Atlanta is, and so I believe introductions are in order!

My background is a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve dabbled in professional futurism, explored the game industry, and done some social media consulting here and there for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. I’ve explored the worlds of politics and academia, and to top it off I’m a huge technology, business, cognitive science, design, economics, cell biology, social sciences, marketing, network theory, and social change geek. Among other things.

Most of all, I’m always looking for common narrative strands tthat connect the awesome things I’m continually finding in my explorations with people who want to create even more awesomeness!

This is how I ended up working with Jessyca and Joe. At first my plan was to do some pro-bono consulting to help them figure out their next steps in getting a business off the ground.. but when I started to see potential for a high ROA (Return on Awesome), I knew that I had to join them!

Amongst my numerous passions, I see the arts as one of the most important ingredients in making the world a better place (and even more awesome!) In my opinion, it is through the process of artistry that we best express our humanity and perpetually create and recreate ourselves. It is through the act of personal creation that things like personal empowerment, community empowerment, deliberative process, better paths through the present into the future, and happiness become possible.

I define artistry is the process of continually creating both the environment and the self. Without it, stagnation is experienced both individually and societally.

And so I’ve embarked on this journey with Joe and Jessyca to see what we can contribute to the zeitgeist in the great work of uplifting society.

Unlike my new partners however, I’m brand new to Atlanta’s arts community so I’m still learning my way around. Moving forwards, I will be blogging about my experiences and impressions as we continue to meet people, develop our services, and establish C4 Atlanta’s role within the community. I’ll also likely blog about some of the more philosophical ideas regarding the role of artistry in the 21st century that inspire our efforts.

One of my favorite things in the world is talking to people, so don’t hesitate to comment on my posts, tweets, or even contact me via email asking me to tea! I try and make myself as available as possible. (No, seriously. My private number is 573-427-7463. Call me if you’d like to make a bold introduction!)

And if you’re wondering what this whole ‘Captain’ thing is about, check out this explanation on my personal blog.


Captain Lyre Calliope

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