General Update

The C4 Action team spent the past week getting back into action after two weeks of downtime. Jessyca had a much needed vacation with her family, I had minor outpatient on my vocal chords (have to keep the voice sexy), and Joe… well, I’m not actually sure what Joe was up to. (Joe? Care to comment?)

Even though we’re calling it downtime, none of us really could help but work on C4 Atlanta stuff on our own which means we’ve spent much of the past week getting back into sync.

And as we’ve now gotten back in sync, we want to update everyone on were we are at in getting this organization off the ground!


As of July 6, C4 Atlanta has been registered as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation operating in the State of Georgia. Hooray!

Joe has point on drafting up our bylaws document which we will need in order to take the next step of working with a lawyer from GLA to get our 501(c)3 status set up.

Financial Planning

Following the business model exercises we did last month, we’ve really pared down our programatic focus to a handful of initial services and initiatives. This also means that we’re finally beginning to get a strong picture of what our financial needs will be as we begin to put them into motion.

Jessyca is currently working on a fundraising plan which we’ll be putting into action in August and September.


As we’ve been conducting our ‘ecological scan,’ we’ve been having constant discussions regarding our vision for building an action-oriented network around C4 Atlanta. This includes defining the roles for everything from our Board of Directors and advisors, to volunteers within our Task Force structure and our ecosystem of partners. This coming week we will be putting the finishing touches on our plans for Board and Task Force development, and start growing our team beyond the core Action Team of Jessyca, Joe and I!

Our vision is not only to create a networked nonprofit, but to cultivate a network of networked nonprofits!  (If you’re curious as to what a ‘networked nonprofit’ is, check out this post on Beth Kanter’s blog. She literally co-wrote the book!) We’ll be talking more about networked nonprofits in the future.


In June we had a number of ‘Happy Hours’ at Mary Mac’s Cafe so that anyone who wanted to join us and find out what we’re working on could get in on the action. And while we organized them via Facebook, it hadn’t occurred to us to blog about them.. Whoops! We promise to get better at that in the future.

Same with community events! There’s so much grassroots stuff going on around arts and culture in Atlanta that we’re beginning to see a larger narrative forming. We are excited to have been invited to participate in Gather Atlanta at the end of the month which we’re really anticipating will further this narrative through connections that are made. We’ll also be blogging more about Gather Atlanta leading up to and after the event.


We’ve been receiving some feedback that our website is rather vague with regard to our mission, plans and services we aim to provide. Frankly it’s been bugging us too, and we’ve been eagerly waiting for a viable time to work on updating our web content for the first time since we put the site up nearly two months ago.

Our understanding of what C4 Atlanta needs to be have evolved quite a bit since then and we’re ready to begin communicating that understanding. So in addition to populating our website with all new content, we are finally going to get a mailing list up and running!

Stay tuned for that in the coming week.

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