Entrepreneurship in the Arts

We are really excited to be offering the Entrepreneurship in the Arts seminar with Kamal Sinclair. Kamal and I began talking about offering a class similar to this two years ago. She has taught this course material in between that time at SCAD and through other organizations as well, but we really wanted to offer it to the C4 Atlanta community.

If you are working on a career in the arts, this class is for you. Kamal not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. She’s been the struggling artist-slash-administrator AND she has been apart of widely successful productions as well (uh, hem…STOMP to name just one). She is quickly becoming a rock star arts entrepreneur herself. Also, she is just a cool person to know.

Artists make great entrepreneurs. It’s true. But often we have not been given the tools to put all of our creativity into a context that can help us earn a living. This class will not only inspire you to pursue (and refine) your goals–it will also give the tools to do so.

I hope to see you in class! To register Click Here

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