Introducing: Margaret Kargbo

The very first artist I’d like to introduce is Margaret Kargbo! Regarding her interest in participating in the ‘Entrepreneurship in the Arts‘ seminar series, here’s what she had to say:

“For me, it’s an exploratory passion to discover and document the Arts, both traditional and emerging talents. My reality is that, I love the Arts. I always have. Therefore, I would love to attend the workshop so that I may acquire some useful knowledge and tools necessary to making my passion become a reality. Like most starving artists, I have limited funds but unlimited vision, focus and determination. The sky is truly the limit and I hope to see everyone among the stars! This workshop would be a truly wonderful opportunity for me to grow and go confidently in the direction of my dreams.”

When I first spoke with Margaret earlier this week, she went into vast passionate detail about her dream of producing a traveling film documentary project to tell the stories of individuals and communities influenced by African traditions, Black culture, lifestyle and politics. As the conversation progressed, we came to realize just how perfect an opportunity this seminar series is for her!

And so, Margaret has begun working towards her creating her dream film project by interviewing her fellow entrepreneurial artists and helping us share their stories over the next few weeks!

Incidentally, Margaret took part in a short film project two years ago in which she was profiled as an entrepreneur. It’s the perfect introduction to the bubbly Margaret Kargbo, so check it out!

You can help support the efforts of Margaret and her fellow Artists in raising funds for the cost of tuition by donating via their respective profiles in our Artist Gallery.

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