TechsmARTs: A panel discussion on ticketing

One of our most-often requested topics of discussion for TechsmARTs has been on ticketing. What factors should organizations take into account when they are evaluating and choosing their ticketing software?

So when we held a panel discussion yesterday on ticketing, we decided to try something new: we recorded the audio from the panel discussion so that we should share the conversation with more than just those who were in the room.

The discussion covered a nearly surprising variety of topics related to ticketing software. Who should be involved in the decision-making process? How can you protect yourself from potential pitfalls? What outside resources can you find to help you choose the right system for your organization?

One important resource mentioned several times in the podcast: the 2011 Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey, published by Technology in the Arts.

I’d like to give a huge round of thanks to Nicole Jones from PBA, Ron Evans from Group of Minds, and David Dombrosky from the Center for Arts Management and Technology for their candid discussion and for sharing their insight. I hope you enjoy listening, and feel free to add to the discussion!

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