Buy a round for Joe!

Many people don’t realize this, but C4 Atlanta was not necessarily born out of the loss of jobs. Before Joe and I were laid off from our previous employer (also an arts service organization) we both shared a vision of what a 21st Century arts service organization looked like. We didn’t know how to get there, but we knew we needed to try. Along with Lyre, Holly (Joe’s girlfriend), my husband, my children, our friends and families we took a leap together.

It is rare that you find someone as dedicated as Joe Winter. Someone dedicated to friends, loved ones and to his home community. I am honored to work with Joe. He is a person of integrity, for sure. Sometimes, I am scared as [insert expletive] about starting a new business.  In the beginning, when we were trying to figure out our business model, I would stay up late worrying about my future. I also worried about my colleague’s/business partner’s future. Was I leading him into something we can’t sustain? Does he know how scared I am? I don’t want to disappoint my friend and colleague of over five years.

In all the time that we have worked together, Joe has always put his trust in me and in the mission of C4 Atlanta. I have made some mistakes…miscalculations. It happens. I can’t be afraid to fail, but I have a friend and trusted colleague to help catch me if/when I do. And I can always trust Joe’s judgement. He is not afraid to disagree (which I am SO thankful for) with me. In fact, I count on his opinion and insight.

So, in honor of a man dedicated to serving the arts industry of Atlanta, I ask not that you spend money on a round of shots; rather, give to a cause Joe believes in: C4 Atlanta. Your money will go farther than you ever imagined, and you will make a very humble, a very genuinely good person, happy. Give by July 2oth what you can to support Joe and his birthday wish. No amount is too small. Not even the price of a beer.

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