Peeling away the layers

Of all the materials we hand out at the Ignite seminar, the Presentation Scorecard tends to get the most use. We hand it out to all the participants on the first day, and then we hand copies of the Scorecard to the outside evaluators on the last day. The Scorecard lists ten areas where participants are evaluated. Of those ten areas, the Creative Offering receives the greatest amount of attention, both inside and outside the classroom.

When I asked Emy Imoh what she learned from Ignite, she talked about the elements of the creative offering. These elements — the mission, the vision, the value proposition, etc. — become part of the justification used to determine pricing. But, as Emy said, it requires peeling back the layers. Sometimes this process takes longer than six weeks, but it can happen with the help of fellow classmates, class facilitators, friends, colleagues in the field, and others.

It’s just one more reason to register today for Ignite.

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