The artist-negotiator

The Ignite seminar includes many lessons that help artist-entrepreneurs along in the path to forming a business plan. But somewhere midway through, we take a moment to discuss another skill that is important for many artists in the field: negotiation.

In week 3, we discuss some of the important elements of a negotiation, and how an artist can prepare for one. There are many misconceptions about what happens in a negotiation, and who is a good negotiator. In the seminar we cut through some of those misconceptions, and we talk about ways to build trust in the course of the negotiation process so that both parties build value for one another.

Following the lesson, everyone is given some homework: to prepare for a mock negotiation that will take place the following week. Negotiation skills may not be part of an artist’s business plan. But they are essential for any artist looking to earn a living wage from their work.

We’re looking forward to teaching this seminar again in March. Enroll today to save your spot!

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