Health Insurance – April Enrollment Date

On Monday, April 16, 2012 Kaiser Permanente will be accepting applications from eligible C4 Atlanta members in the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program. Enrollment slots are limited.

Where: Academy Theatre
Time: Register for an application time HERE

Enrollment Guidelines
Individuals will be required to attend an “orientation” session BEFORE applying. There is NO cost for this session. The orientation will be offered twice on April 16, 2012 at Academy Theatre. This session is mandatory. You will not be allowed to apply without attending the orientation session.

Bridge Program Monthly Premiums*
$27.00 – Single Subscriber
$49.00 – Subscriber & Child(ren)
$55.00 – Subscriber & Spouse
$82.00 – Subscriber, Spouse & Child(ren)

*Premiums are subject to change.

Income Guidelines (max income):

Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income
1 $2,723 $32,670
2 $3,678 $44,130
3 $4,633 $55,190
4 $5,588 $67,050
5 $6,543 $78,510
6 $7,498 $89,970


  1. Madeline Golden Skarda says:

    Question: Does a certain percentage of your gross monthly income have to come from your creative endeavors in order to be considered a “working artist”? 

    • Jessyca Holland says:

      May not be gross monthly. We do ask that a portion from 1-100% come from your creative offering. Give us a call or email. There might be some exceptions (training, etc.). 

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