TechsmARTs: Video Production

This is a follow-up to the previous post about our TechsmARTs gathering from a few weeks ago. We didn’t want to leave you without the audio from the session, or a few links back to some of the videos that were mentioned over the course of the gathering.

If you were unable to make it to the gathering, you can now enjoy the pleasure of listening in on what happened:


It would of course be a little silly to ask you to close your eyes and listen in, when you can watch some of the videos that were referenced by David, Kevin, and me.

In my presentation, I used the testimonial video we produced as an example:

David used a couple of videos. His band recently raised some funds through Kickstarter for their third album

To build the Kickstarter video, they used some footage from videos they previously produced from their live shows:

Kevin’s presentation on Dad’s Garage TV included a couple of videos, including the promo video…

… and their most popular video to date, Rusty Trombone:

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