Why Atlanta?

I’m proud to consider myself an Atlantan.  I moved here after graduating from the University of South Carolina, and I can already tell that I will love the creative community Atlanta has to offer.  I graduated with a degree in Ballet Performance and Choreography and Economics, with a minor in business.  Currently, I dance with the Georgia Ballet (http://www.georgiaballet.org/) and teach dance at two local studios.  Since I’m an artist with a business background, I’m intrigued to discover how all of this comes together to support a creative economy in Atlanta.

Photo of dancer
Photo by Jason Ayer, University of South Carolina Dance Department

After graduation, I got asked a lot of questions as to why I was moving to Atlanta and not one of the major art cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.  My answer was simple; Atlanta has a lot to offer and some amazing opportunities in all industries.  It is safe to say that after living here for about two months now that I am even more confident in my answer. Atlanta offers everything; great restaurants, shopping, entertainment, art, business opportunities, etc.  I was especially drawn to the dance and art scene in Atlanta.  There are strong dance companies that each offers a different artistic vision.  In addition, there are incredible and unique performing art spaces to showcase the variety of the dancers.

Photo by Jason Ayer, University of South Carolina Dance Department

I’m excited to see what the city has in store for me; not only in the dance world, but also in the art and entertainment business industry.  I hope to surround myself with artists who are just as excited about local opportunities as I am.  C4 Atlanta has some amazing opportunities to help individual artists and art businesses. C4 Atlanta’s mission is to “to build a foundation of research, technology and education for a sustainable, creative economy in the Atlanta region.” The organization offers some great resources and opportunities to support a thriving art community.  (http://c4atlanta.org/). I want people to acknowledge Atlanta as a mainstream city for the arts, and I think we are making great progress towards this goal.

-Katie Owerbach


(Photos by Jason Ayer, University of South Carolina Dance Department)

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