Featured Artist: Diana Toma

I had the privilege of interviewing Diana Toma, a local artist originally from Romania.  She recently received the honor of working on the US Open 2013 Theme Art Project.  Diana has participated in C4 Atlanta’s Ignite  workshops and has some exciting projects coming up.  Continue reading to learn more about the talented Diana Toma…

Congratulations on your recent accomplishment working with the US Open.  How do you think this accomplishment will shape your artwork in the future?

Collage of images by Diana Toma
Courtesy of Diana Toma

Thank you! I’ve connected right away with this project as soon as I got invited to create a proposal: I feel it fits like a snug glove. Working with the United States Tennis Association has been an enriching experience, I am ecstatic that they are interested in bringing the fine arts back into their art theme, after a long history of illustration type of themes. There’re six of us in the final run – if my artwork will be chosen to represent the US Open 2013 it will bring about terrific exposure: I read about 1 million people attend the tournament! It will be a dream come true for my work to reach such large community.

Furthermore, this experience challenged the way I create my compositions and brought about a new way of constructing the artwork. I get to draw and paint with traditional methods then scan them and manipulate them as layers in Photoshop. This is very exciting, I will definitely continue exploring this technique even after the US OPEN 2013 Theme Art project will come to an end.

2. Where can one learn more about the artwork you do?

You can see my current work at www.artbydianatoma.com and my past work at www.inthatmood.com. I have also recently created a facebook page where you can get in a direct dialogue with me. I aim to post daily, wherever it’s my art, my thoughts, or artwork and articles that inspire me. Thou I am new at it, I am falling in love with this venue of communication that allows me to connect directly with the one who are moved by my art. Check me out at www.facebook.com/inthatmood. If you may, please like and share the page.

You have participated in Ignite workshops in the past.  How has this workshop enhanced your art career? What did you take away from the workshop?

It offered a great deal of info on running my art as a business, and offered quite a few samples of creative pathways to take. It basically widened my view on what is available out there and in the process left me with new ideas on how to expand myself. Being in a new conversation, reading material that I usually don’t, connecting with a diverse group of people – all these have got the internal wheels turning faster.

How do you feel your art work fits in to the Atlanta art scene?

I’ve been creating in different cities on different continents, in both Europe and in North America. Wherever place I chose to stay a while, it leaves an impression on my art, and living in Atlanta left its own unique mark. With that said, my art is all about moving and touching the viewer at an emotional level. In that way my art is of universal nature. I would say it fits wherever someone pays it attention, locally or not.

How do you see “the arts” helping Atlanta?

I think that wherever artists show up, the community changes, improve and develops. Likewise, part of my mission is to transform my environment through creating art. Can’t imagine a better life then beautifying and adorning my community and my surroundings.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

I only went as far as considering what I will do this summer! I have just started the creative thinking around touring Europe by car for a month, starting in my home country Romania. Keep checking my facebook for more info, I intend to make this tour be a social art project.

As a rule of thumb I don’t spend much time futuring (or pasting for that matter). I prefer to dwell in the only time that I know to ever exist: right now. I could say this thou: I always see myself doing something that I love, whatever that would be.

To browse and buy prints by Diana look here http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByDianaToma



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