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We get a lot of compliments on our new arts center, Fuse. I wish I could take credit for the space layout and design features, but, alas, I cannot. This blog is about the person who can take credit for the design!

If you haven’t seen the new space yet, you are missing out. Located inside the historic M Rich building, Fuse has been

M Rich Lobby/Gallery - Jean Lim
M Rich Lobby/Gallery – Jean Lim

beautifully designed and updated to appeal to creative workers. Not only does it boast exposed brick and warm hardwoods, the space also has an artistic flare with found object art, unique tables and an open aesthetic that keeps the claustrophobic feeling of work-space cubicals from creeping in.

Who designed the space?

Meet Jean Lim. Jean’s bio:

Jean is a serial multitask-er who champions the cause for innovative design, done sustainably wherever possible, but always with enthusiasm. Her areas of interest run the gamut from trying to understand the science behind molecular gastronomy to the design and building of art installations in Uganda, Africa. The common thread is her passion for creativity and the knowledge that there is always room for curiosity  Buoyed by her sense of adventure, Jean has worked in Australia, Asia the US and Africa, designing and building theatre sets, preserving antiques and historic buildings as well as lecturing with the Built Environment faculty at Uganda Martyrs University. Don’t let her size fool you—she’s most at home when wielding a power tool.

Washboards - Jean Lim
Washboard Decor – Jean Lim

It is also worth mentioning that Jean is a graduate of SCAD, (B.F.A (Hons) Interior Design, M.F.A (Hons) Furniture Design).

Hired by The Creations Group, Jean Lim will be adding her creative touch to in the M Rich building. Back in the U.S. for several weeks, Jean has been working with new tenants of M Rich to help them create the ideal work space. Jean can spot potential in every space–the M Rich building has a lot of unique office layouts.

Jean is also helping C4 Atlanta with a few basic outfitting needs. In January, we will be installing new utility sinks (a.k.a dump sinks, a.k.a slop sinks) at Fuse. I will be meeting with Jean to look at the sinks and to make sure we stay with ADA standards for accessibility. Jean’s input and support comes in handy. She understands the needs of working artists–she is a working artist. A very successful one.

Please let me know if you would like to see C4 Atlanta’s new arts center, Fuse. Join us for a cup of coffee or just hang out and enjoy Jean’s work in a beautiful Atlanta treasure. For those of you who enjoy architecture in Atlanta, check out Terry Kearns blog feature about M RichView from kitchen at Fuse

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