Get to Know Aldanie Martinez!

Aldanie Martinez, Capoeira
Aldanie Martinez, Capoeira

Posting on behalf of our new Volunteer Coordinator, Aldanie Martinez. Aldanie also serves on our Finance Committee. If you don’t know Aldanie, you should. He is smart and passionate about the arts in Atlanta.

In his on words…

Hi, I’m Aldanie Martinez. I’ll be helping to coordinate volunteers in the months to come, and I’d like to introduce myself to the C4 community.

I was lucky enough to run into C4 a few months back at the great Gather Atlanta panel discussion on marketing and engaging a growing audience. This is where I met Jessyca and Joe. I was instantly attracted to Jessyca’s input as part of the panel. She showed a depth of knowledge from personal experiences of the struggles of an artist while having a clear grasp on business concepts and technologies helpful to the creative community.

You see, growing up, I’ve seen the struggle of an artist to make a living out of a passion within my own family. There’s my late great uncle, whom many feel that despite having studied alongside some incredibly successful artists in amazing places such as The Juilliard School in New York, he did not achieve a success proportional to his incredible work. He simply wasn’t good at business. I’ve also seen my mother create truly breathtaking pieces for decades, and yet is still intimidated by the business side of art. I can’t help but feel that there’s too much talent and beauty that remains undiscovered simply because of artists not having access to the business skills they need to make a living from their creations. This affected me so much that I decided to focus on learning business as opposed to following my talents in art when the time came to choose a career path.

So, after being jaded for almost a decade of refraining from my true passions in an all-work-and-no-play lifestyle in business administration, marketing, and sales, I decided to explore ways to use what I’ve learned while following what drives me. That’s why I’m so drawn to C4 and really couldn’t wait to find a meaningful way to help with its mission and vision to kill the condition of “The Starving Artist” by helping him succeed.

Things got even more impressive once I learned they were looking to push their mission to a whole new level by creating an incubator of sorts to house creative entrepreneurs and organizations. This feels like history in the making!

So my goal is simple. I want to help the incredible work of C4 by finding amazing volunteer talent to help this growing organization. I also want to give our people what I’ve found through volunteering for this task; a meaningful opportunity where we get to use our talents, have fun, and create great experiences that look good on a resume and awesome in a personal photo album. I know there’s great talent out there looking for opportunities to be impactful, and I’m going to look for it all over Atlanta. So, if that’s you, we need to talk!

I’m looking forward to rocking with the great people who will help make history in the Atlanta Arts Community!

If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with C4 Atlanta, shoot us an email: Aldanie will be in touch with you!

Aldanie Martinez Photo
Aldanie Martinez

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