Get Affordable Public Art Insurance

ThresholdPublic art application deadlines are fast approaching. Will you need insurance? Let’s take a moment to go beyond whether insurance is a requirement for applying (Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t a requirement). It’s simply a good idea to make sure you are protected.

A couple of days ago Courtney Hammond, Public Art Project Supervisor from the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, held a workshop with Jean Ann Douglass, Program Director for Insurance at Fractured Atlas. The workshop covered what artists need to know about public art insurance and how to obtain it.

We recorded the workshop (See the audio player, below), but I thought I’d highlight a few key points.

There are four types of insurance you may need if you are planning to apply for a grant. General liability insurance can protect you all the way up to the exhibition of your work. If you need to employ others in the process of building the work, then you will need workers compensation to protect you in case someone is injured when they’re working with you. But if you have volunteers, volunteer accident insurance will cover you if one of your volunteers is hurt on the job. Finally property or equipment insurance will cover any equipment you use.

Fractured AtlasThe insurance program at Fractured Atlas is geared toward helping artists better understand insurance, and for insurance companies to better understand artists. The program also helps artists gain access to affordable insurance.

If you are a member of C4 Atlanta, you can become an associate member of Fractured Atlas at no additional charge and gain access to this invaluable resource.

Many thanks to Fractured Atlas and the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs for this workshop!

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