Introducing ‘Tension’ Artists

C4 Atlanta’s first ever Ignite graduate show will kick off May 11, 2013. The opening reception/fundraiser Arts Fuel will be on May 11, 2013 from 7pm – 10pm. Tickets for Arts Fuel are on sale now.

Opening for 'Tension' is May 11, 2013
Opening for ‘Tension’ is May 11, 2013

We wanted to keep the theme of our first show, ‘Tension,’ germane to our mission. For this show, Atlanta artists explore the dual identities of “the artist” and the “business person.”

Many of us can relate to this struggle or tension. In our own lives, we balance work and life, children and relationships, and the pursuit of emotional well being while living in a results-driven world.

The work in ‘Tension’ will range in medium, price and technique. This is a great opportunity to collect from some of Atlanta’s most talented artists. More information about gallery hours to come, but if you want the opportunity to purchase first, please attend Arts Fuel, May 11th. Discounted tickets for arts professionals are available.

It is with great pleasure that I give you the list of Atlanta professional artists who’s work will be featured in ‘Tension:’

Yun Bai
LaMar Barber
Rose Barron
Stephanie Coulibaly
Kathy Rennell Forbes
Vanessa Huang
Machiko Ichihara
Kerry Jackson
Igor Korsunskiy
Beth Lilly
Katy Malone
Corrina Mensoff
Mia Merlin
Barbara Nesin
Stacie Rose
Cat Rogers
Maria Sarmiento
Nathan Sharratt
Catherine Shiel
Amber Singleton
Deborah Sosower
Karley Sullivan
Gina Thompson
Diana Toma
Lisa Tuttle

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