Final Installment of our “Tension” Artist Profiles

Can you believe it? Our Arts Fuel Fundraiser & “Tension” Art Show is tomorrow night at 7 p.m.! We’ve been working hard to spotlight as many of our participating artists as we can, and we hope you are just excited to see their work in person as we are. So without further ado…

Karley Sullivan

karley sullivan art
*used with permission from Karley Sullivan

“This painting was made from a photograph of a thunderstorm cloud in the moments before it developed into a tornado. These storms are result of warm and cool air swirling together. I choose it for the C-4 fundraiser because it felt illustrative of the mixture of feelings I had while embracing a new entrepreneurial spirit. On the one hand, I wanted to stay cool and preserve my artistic integrity, while on the other, I was enraged at the hoops I have jumped through to reach my artistic goals. The Ignite class was a great introduction to the dualities of making a living as an artist, and I felt that this painting summed those emotions up perfectly. You can see more of my work at, and follow me through twitter @karleys.”

Stephanie Coulibaly

stephanie coulibaly art
*used with permission from Stephanie Coulibaly

“This work truly represents my artistic style as I have an affinity for nature-inspired themes in my work. The title, “Seed”, is a metaphor for intention. For me, it connotes initiation, potential, and faith. I feel embracing these qualities are essential when pursuing an artistic journey. ‘Seed’ also pays homage to C4 Atlanta as they have been a “seed” of inspiration for myself and many other artists.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our blog series and shared their favorite things, photos, pets, and artwork with us. It’s not too late to RSVP for Arts Fuel Fundraiser & “Tension” Art Show! See you there!

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