Team Awesome!

I am very pleased to welcome my friend and colleague, Deborah Sosower to the C4 Atlanta team.

Here is where I get sappy…                                                                                   

Deborah Sosower photo
Deborah Sosower

I am an incredibly fortunate person. Scratch that. C4 Atlanta is an incredibly fortunate organization. For over three years, Joe and I have worked hard to build this organization. That path was not always easy. We don’t always agree and I can be stubborn and uh… a little on stressed side. I am grateful for his loyalty and wisdom. Wisdom is the perfect word.

Over a year ago, Julia Daniel started as an intern with C4 Atlanta. It is a rare occasion that I have to explain something to Julia more than once. Julia has been such a relief. She manages memberships, our database and more like a pro. Julia usually laughs at my jokes–which is also a bonus.

We also have a number of contracted artists, consultants, volunteers and more whom we have had the pleasure of working with. All are amazing.

Back to Deborah…

Deborah started volunteering with C4 in January of 2013. Deborah was at C4 week after week, happy to help us with graphic design, cleaning, and pretty much anything we needed. But what we noticed quickly was that Deborah had a lot to contribute in terms of strategic thinking and planning. As a participant in Ignite, Deborah worked on her own business development. She is also a natural teacher. It was for these reasons that we asked Deborah to come on board as an Ignite Facilitator. It wasn’t long into that position that we knew Deborah was perfect for the new position of Program Manager–a position we identified as a goal in our strategic plan.

Oh, and Deborah is a professional print-maker who holds an MFA from Pratt Institute.

There is a lot I can say about Deborah’s talent and intelligence. You will see that for yourself. What excites me the most is the energy and support Deborah brings to the entire team. She is the right person for the right job.

Get to know Deborah and the rest of the C4 Atlanta team. Hit us up or join us at one of our many, many free learning sessions throughout the year.

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