Allow myself to introduce…myself.

Last year at this time, I was gearing up to start Ignite, the 8-week entrepreneurship training course offered by C4.  I was excited about signing up for health insurance through the organization, and (finally) launching my letterpress career.  I had NO idea, not the first clue, how drastically my life would change through taking Ignite.  I not only forged friendships with my fellow artists and felt the thrill of aiding them on their professional journey, but my life was altered by taking the step of becoming a volunteer for C4.  I was so inspired by the mission of C4 – to help artists earn a living – and by the gorgeous space C4 is housed in and manages – the Fuse Arts Center – that I felt lucky simply to contribute a little of my time to the organization.  What started out as brief periods of time rapidly turned into a full day, then days, at Fuse.  I was honored to take part in strategic planning sessions for C4, and then to become a facilitator for Ignite myself.  I left for vacation in early August — and when I came back, I sat down with Jessyca and Joe and told them they should hire me.  So, a couple months of grant writing and work later, that’s what happened.

I have no background in nonprofit administration — but I have worked as an artist assistant, a studio monitor, a server, an a daytime office/restaurant manager — all of which combined to help me create this position.  I view my role as Program Manager to be the contact person for the outside world about our Programs; an organization and support person for the smooth operations and running of our course offerings – and part of the team to further the vision of C4 in providing sterling training and offerings to help Atlanta artists.  I use my own desires and needs as an artist to inform my contributions to C4’s plans.


Right now, I am helping revise and update the course materials and facilitation aids for Ignite.  I’m organizing my first-ever call for artists and juried art show, Triage.  (By the way – there’s still time to submit your health-related artwork right now, if you haven’t yet had the chance!)  I have been researching and planning a new fiscal sponsorship program for C4 – to be unveiled in the coming weeks.  (The poll is still open for feedback – if you’re intrigued, let me know your thoughts!)  I am not a champion blogger — but I will be working with an Ignite alumna most well-known as Hallelulaja Truth – to start a Blogathon for C4 for the month of February.  Stay tuned for what we’ll be serving up — I’m excited to be a small part of the fabric that supports the creative community of my adopted city.  Happy New Year.


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