Meta Blog Post (i.e. blogging about blogging)

I’m sitting in the sun on my porch, contemplating the productive weeks I’ve had since helping to launch C4 Atlanta’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, ArtsForce, and thinking ahead to the upcoming events I’m planning for C4 artists and our community at large.  So, instead of idly ruminating and forming a plan of action, I am flexing my blog muscles (as it were), since one of the exciting new upcoming events is the first-ever C4 Atlanta Blogathon.  We’re calling it Forward March, or (since I love using our name in creative ways whenever possible,) C4ward March.  #c4wardmarch.  It’ll start March 1.  Get it? Eh?

I have always loved writing, and expressed myself well – though pronunciation and/or spelling will frequently fall by the wayside.  However, I have not been a “good artist” by keeping up with my own blog connected to my website.  And I want to change that.  I imagine other good artists, or artists who want to be as good at their professional side as they are in their creative side, face similar challenges.  I always say that C4 Atlanta has created an environment for me of supportive, encouraging space that acts as an accountability partner – providing classes and tools to help me do what I know I can and need to do, but won’t unless I’m accountable to someone else.  Deadlines are helpful. Having someone else to look to, even to say, “hey – I did it! I filled out my application for ArtsForce! I interviewed 10 people for AIM! I finished writing my industry analysis for Ignite!” is so beneficial, at least for me.

That is why I am so excited to participate in C4ward March. I thrill to a challenge, and I hope to find other artists, similar to me, who will thrive in this structured environment and gain valuable information about ourselves, our creative and professional practices, and the community we have around us.

Our blog (here, right here!) will be the site of many conversations.  Check in for the first 15 days to read, comment, post, and share.  If you sign the pledge now, you’ll get all the prompts the night before — a sneak peak at topics ahead.  See you back here, same time, same place… for the span of 15 days. And beyond.


  1. Sandra Hughes says:

    I’m one of the artists participating in the C4 Blog-a-thon- March 1-15. I received the first prompt this evening and completed my first entry. It’s not clear to me how I share the link to my blog with the other artists and gain access to their blogs to read them and comment.

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