C4ward March Blogathon Day 10: Appropriate Risks

“A freelancer is someone who gets paid for working…An entrepreneur gets paid while they sleep.”

We can’t host a blogging challenge without bringing in the voice of one of our favorite authorities on creative entrepreneurship (and prolific blogger himself): Seth Godin. Watch the following short clip:

What are some appropriate risks for you? Today, think about what are creative risks you might take in your creative practice. What risks can you take in your business? Are there risks you’ve taken that have led to positive change? Any that have not panned out they way you thought? What are some of your greatest successes that have arisen out of risks you’ve taken? If you are very risk averse, what is holding you back from making that leap? What support system(s) would you need to have in place in order to leap into that new creative or entrepreneurial space?

Artists, today is a great day to read and add your voice, feedback, support, and encouragement to one another. Treat each other with the respect you all deserve for delving into the deeper topics of your creative practice and entrepreneurial spirit.

RSVP to the Potluck next Sunday, March 16 – we’ll celebrate the wrap up of the Blogathon and draw names for the C4ward March Blogathon prizes!  4-6 pm at the Fuse Arts Center!


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