C4ward March Blogathon Day 7: Photo Friday – Creative Spaces

Today and next Friday are PHOTO FRIDAYS with a theme. PHOTO FRIDAY is day where you can write nothing or something. It is up to you! Part of blogging every day is finding ways to make it sustainable. Having one day out of every week that requires only photos can provide a much needed break from using words. Today’s theme for your photos is to show us your creative environment in 5 to 7 photographs (fewer or more if you want).

Document your Creative Space
Document your Creative Space

Interpret “your creative environment” in any way that fires you up and embodies your artistic self. What do you want to show your viewers about the space your imagination inhabits and works in?

  • Literal spaces: studios, classrooms, theatres, offices, streets, stages, clubs
  • Figurative spaces: your mind, body, the cosmos, the source
  • Tools of your trade: canvases, brushes, keyboards, puppets, microphones, costumes, computers, inks, paints, fiber, sewing machines, cameras
  • Creative outcomes:  Various images of your work, perhaps in different stages of development or format
  • Companions: You or others pictured in your creative environment, including animal companions
  • Anything else?

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