C4 Announces New Classes for Artist Entrepreneurs

Boy that is a long title for a blog. But it is all TRUE! We do have new Financial Literacy 101classes. We piloted the first round of these classes with artists from different disciplines last week. We got some great feedback. We will be refining the content for the next round of classes, April 18th.

So what are these mystery classes?

1) Financial Literacy 101 – Being financially illiterate doesn’t make you a better artist. You gotta have the number vocabulary to reach your creative goals.
2) Fundraising 101 for artists – This session looks at traditional fundraising, crowd-funding and introduces artists to grant writing.

Both sessions will be offered once per month at Fuse Arts Center. We will sprinkle some Saturday classes in there too.

So there it is! New classes. New opportunities for learning and connecting with other arts professionals.

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