Initial reflections from APASO: i.e. my first work conference for C4

Chicago's "The Bean"
Chicago skyline framing the iconic sculpture, “The Bean”

There are so many interesting and exciting concepts and conversations that I experienced this past week at APASO – an annual conference for nonprofit, art-service-organizations. It was exciting to meet new colleagues and engage in topics – mostly professional, and a few more personal – relating to our collective work in being a support to artists and other nonprofits, around North America.

My initial reflections are: I am grateful to be a part of such a visionary team (i.e. Jessyca Holland, Joe Winter, and Julia Daniel) who can teach me so much about the field I still feel so new to. I am also gratified that, though I was in conversation and community with other nonprofit administrators who have years of experience, I still felt valued and my ideas were both welcomed and sought.

I also realize I have lessons to learn. And work to do. Though I feel tired and a little drained after travel and some extreme weather/temperature changes over the past few days, I feel incredibly invigorated and excited to get to work – keeping C4 strong, vibrant, relevant, and most of all, fulfilling to myself, my fellow staff, and the artists we are so lucky to meet and be of service to.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of conferencing with your peers! What have you taken away, in a practical and applicable way, from any conferences or residencies you’ve experienced? Stay tuned for more reflections, as I continue to think through all that I learned and experienced in Chicago…

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