TechsmARTs: On Going Mobile

This past Monday we hosted our latest TechsmARTs session. The topic: going mobile:

The jury is in: More audiences are browsing the web, checking email, and making transactions through their smart phones. Has your organization made the shift? What’s your mobile strategy?

For this month’s TechsmARTs we’ll discuss the questions to consider before jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Is it worth developing a mobile app, or is it better to just have a mobile-responsive website? What options are available to make your mobile presence accessible to your audiences?

Maris Smith, Director of Interactive Services at The Marketing Division, offered a ton of great information on this important topic. Among the takeaways:

  • Top three challenges to building a mobile presence: keeping the budget and timeline appropriate, finding the key decision-makers who can keep the project moving, and getting the right feedback from patrons to inform your efforts.
  • If your website is not mobile-friendly in any way today and you have no budget, a quick-and-dirty fix is to build a mobile-friendly page somewhere on your site that houses key information that mobile users might look for.
  • Be clear about your goals from the very start of your project. Otherwise you may either have a nearly useless mobile presence, or you may never be able to launch.
  • Take some time to figure out what your desktop users view on your website vs what your mobile users view. If you use Google Analytics, you can track exactly this type of behavior.

Many thanks to Maris for offering her time and expertise on this important topic! Remember to take a look today at the Broadway Across America web presence, and look at it again in a few weeks to see the changes.

Below, you can find an audio recording of the day’s session.

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