Future of Art in Atlanta – Ignite Grads

April 28th marked another round of Ignite graduations. Ignite is our 8-week entrepreneurship seminar for artists and creative professionals. Artists presented their business plans in front of a panel of experts.

Photo of Peter Cranton, Ignite
Peter Cranton presents his business plan.

We had several people missing from the day class graduation photo due to work, illness, etc. One of the artists had to leave early. The day class included: Doria Roberts, Hellenne Vermillion, Jill Pope, John Pruner, Peter Cranton, Paige-Nichette Dawkins, Shelly Siebert and Audrey Gamez. Congratulations! This class contains a lot of content and can feel, at times, overwhelming but artists come out of it empowered with a new outlook on their art practices.

photo of ignite day class
Ignite Day class


The Evening Ignite class included: Jessica Cook, Orian Crook, Cindy Brown, Manual, llaneras, Margarita Rios, Chavonna Rhodes and Lauren Pallotta. Congratulations!

Photo of Ignite Class
Ignite Evening Class


C4 would also like to give a special shot-out to Urban Cannibals and Doria Roberts for providing lunch for the Ignite graduation. The sandwiches were fresh and tasty. The scones–amazing. Urban Cannibals also donated coffee and chips. Thank you for supporting Atlanta’s arts community!

Urban Cannibals Sandwiches
Jealous? Great food.

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