Announcing Transition of Co-Founder Joe Winter

Joe HeadshotIt has been my honor to work with Joe over the last five years on building C4 Atlanta. Five years before that, we both started working at AtlantaPerforms. For almost a decade, Joe has been my colleague and friend. Joe’s last day as a staff member of C4 Atlanta will be Friday, September 18th.

There is no scandal here. There is no angry parting of ways. Joe came to me a few months ago and told me that he wanted to get back into technology. For artists, it is important to be creating. Joe is an artist. He sings but he also creates using code. I am happy to say that Joe will stay on C4 Atlanta’s Board of Directors.

I guess I could write a novel about starting an arts nonprofit in 2010. But this is a blog. And it is a blog about congratulating a friend for making, what I know to be, a difficult decision at first. Joe – thank you for your loyalty when times were tough. Thank you for your words of encouragement and wisdom when I thought about throwing in the towel to the whims of self doubt. Thank you for challenging yourself out of your comfort zone to get the work done that needed to be done. That is no easy feat.

So…Joe isn’t dead. He is just going back into IT but here are some photos of Joe to enjoy.

karley sullivan photography
Joe! by karley sullivan photography
Joe facilitates an Ignite Class
Joe facilitates an Ignite Class

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