Reworking the Website Bootcamp

The root of the word technology is techne, which happens to be the Greek word for art. And the whole word, with the –ology at the end, means “the study of art.” Technology is a practice, not a product. Not a thing. It’s the practice of examination and experimentation and artisanship. The things we think of as technology are only evidence of the practice. Gwydion Suilebhan

joe-teaches-website-bootcampThe first time we offered the Website Bootcamp it was a big class. Over the course of two days at the Foundation Center I offered lessons in installing, configuring and using WordPress, the software that powers C4 Atlanta’s website and about a quarter of the rest of the web. We had 30 people in the class over those two days. That was back in June of 2012.

A lot can change in three years. And although we have made a lot of tweaks to the Website Bootcamp over that time, services like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace have made it much easier for artists to build attractive websites. The best thing an artist can spend time on is on making art. With a website built and used the right way, you can spend less time and energy to reach more of the right people.

The redesigned Website Bootcamp will include exercises in week one on creating goals and budgeting appropriately, and comparing the options you have in front of you. In week two, we will cover strategies on content and design. And finally, week three will serve as in-class lab time, where everyone will have the opportunity individually work on their sites, but with the benefit of having support resources immediately on-hand.

At the end of the day, no matter the platform you choose, your website will never be complete. The journey of building your site will come with its own rewards.

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