TechsmARTs Starts off Strong!

Monday morning C4 Atlanta hosted its first TechsmARTs discussion in partnerships with The Office of Arts at Georgia Tech. The Atlanta Contemporary was our host partner, and their beautiful space

was the perfect location for our discussion entitled “Is There Anybody Out There? : How Different Generations use Social Media”.

C4 Atlanta saw this as one of the most important topics currently trending in the arts community. Whether a free lance artist or an arts organization, social media has become a go-to tool for marketing and reaching audiences. Each generation has their own social media preferences and user habits, but more often than not it can feel like shouting into a digital abyss without any response. The goal of this panel was to acknowledging best practices and strategies around reaching these different users, so artists and administrators can feel empowered to use trending social media technology to better reach their targeted audiences.

The stellar panel for this talk was comprised of:

Each panelist played an important role in how the discussion was shaped. Gregory Burbidge offered amazing in site on the Boomer Generation and how their needs for consuming art are and are not being met. Diana Toma was a fountain of knowledge for Facebook as she shared her tactics of using special interest groups as a way to drive people back to her own artist’s Facebook Page. Veronica Kessenich’s information on the Gen X market was key, and she inspired a great talk on using Instagram as a visual story to reach this market. As the only millennial on the panel, Chelsea Steverson highlighted ways of using new social media technology, such as Snapchat and Tumblr, to reach the ever growing Millennial generation which no longer “buys” into everyday advertisements. Between the four panelist questions were answered, laughs were had, and a clearer understanding of social media usage was found.

With an engaged room of participants and a knowledgeable panel, “Is There Anybody Out There” proved to be a strong kick-off to this years TechsmARTs discussions. For more information or to RSVP to our next TechsmART’s panel in November click here!

Below is a list of articles and resources which sparked the original development of this discussion, as well as links to the Snapchat user video shown on Monday morning. If you did not have the opportunity to attend, a full recording of the discussion can also be found below.

IMG_20150914_105139  IMG_20150914_104410  IMG_20150914_104851


  • Best Times to Post on Social Media
  • Generations and content consumption
  • Marketing to millennials 
  • Musicians using Snapchat
  • Social Media Fandoms
  • More on Snapchat & Tumblr

    Listen to the whole discussion here:



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