Welcome Audrey Gámez to the C4 Atlanta Team

I am super thrilled to welcome Audrey Gámez to the C4 Atlanta team. Audrey will serve as C4’s Education Manager. She will be tasked with making sure our professional development classes for artists and arts administrators run smooth. Audrey has been working as a contracted Ignite facilitator for several months. She is a great facilitator and she really cares about the Atlanta arts community. Audrey Gamez Headshot

Who is Audrey Gámez? Let’s find out!

Audrey, tell us about your education?

Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from University of North Texas, Master of Music in Voice Performance from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!)

Hometown and why you are living in Atlanta?

Photo 2 of Audrey

I am originally from Spring, Texas, just north of Houston. I moved to Atlanta about 5 and a 1/2 years ago to pursue taking lessons in voice with Kathryn Hartgrove at GSU. Though I came with no prior knowledge of what living in Atlanta would ultimately be like, I’ve found a warm, vibrant and well connected arts community which I have come to love. I’ve considered leaving a few times now, but haven’t felt nearly as compelled to any new place as much as I am to Atlanta.

What is your favorite food?

Anything that came out of my kitchen. I’m vegan, and I’m an awesome cook. Some of my favorite things to make are homemade pie, thai curries, pierogis and pasta. I’ve previously held many day jobs while performing related to food, so I have very distinct opinions regarding it’s preparation.

Audrey and sister

Favorite Artists?

I really enjoy Frida Kahlo because of my Mexican-American heritage. All of the vibrant colors and themes in her work provoke memories of my father’s family. It is such a rich and passionate culture, and I think that quality is so identifiable in her work. I love the landscapes of Albert Bierstadt for their glimpses at an untainted, vast American landscape, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall are favorites because of their unique abilitiesto transform our reality through surrealism. Artwork that contains a social justice theme generally resonates with me in a very personal way. As for musicians and composers, I could probably give a much more extensive list, but perhaps my three favorites are Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Mozart and Gustav Mahler. Lorraine Hunt Lieberson was an American Mezzo-soprano with an incredible depth of expressive capacity. Many interpretations of the repertoire she performed I consider to be definitive. Mahler had an equally deft ability to convey emotional depth in his lush, soaring compositions. I’m only sad he never wrote an opera, though he was an accomplished opera conductor in his day. He and Mozart are probably my two favorite composers to perform, the latter being a favorite because of his ability to write perhaps the most perfect opera ever, the Marriage of Figaro. It’s themes of gender equality, class struggle, and complex adult relationships are still universal.

Favorite Joke?

I don’t really have one, although I promise, I’m really funny.

Dogs or Cats?


What is C4 doing in 5 years?

I see C4 as being the definitive place for creative professionals to access training in business and technology resources. I am particularly excited about the newly announced Hatch program and it’s ability to create more artists who are better equipped to work in the public sphere. Public art, social practice and civic practice have become much more prominent in Atlanta over the last few years. With social change in particular, it is important the artists receive the skills necessary to work in community in order to facilitate a meaningful experience for all. I see C4’s role as not only helping to pave the way, but also to be an example for arts service organizations in other cities with similar ambitions. Audrey in Opera Gear

Weirdest dream?

Because I used to work in restaurants, I often have “Server” dreams. What this entails is a dream where you are serving a section at a restaurant and more and more absurd situations happen putting you farther and farther in the weeds. One that stands out in particular was a dream where I came into the restaurant and the entire layout, size and concept of the restaurant had changed. No one knew the schedule or where it was. Every table I had was in a different corner of the restaurant and my tables kept ordering drinks that took an impossible amount of time to make and used every possible drink ingredient. Consequently, other servers would steal them off my tray before I had time to make the next one. Those kinds of dreams are surprisingly terrifying.

Welcome, Audrey. We look forward to working with you and seeing you shine in your new role as Education Manager.

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