Hatch Artists’ Thoughts on Community and Identity – Part Two


This post is a continuation of a series of responses to Community and Identity from our Hatch Artists. As part of their participation in the program, each artist has been tasked with writing post about their thoughts and the Hatch process for our blog. After each session, we will release some of their responses. We hope you enjoy reading their eloquent words as much as a we did! Here are some excerpts from some of their posts.

This week, our artists were tasked with answering the questions:

How do you define “community”?

What are the influences that shape your identity?

By Orion Crook


Community is home, neighborhood, family, buildings, relationships, pressures, politics, challenges, enhancements, identity and place. I was reminded in the workshop that community is shared and community is divisive. It brings together, separates; draws lines and blurs them, simultaneously. It is attitude and solitude, too. Community is a state of mind. I have largely regarded my community, the one I grew up in and the ones that I have relocated to, as just places- forgetting that the people are the ongoing malleable factor in the feel of a community. The people are the ones that dictate the lines, the aesthetics of the place, and influence each others’ states of mind. People are community.

By Danielle Deadwyler


Photo by Charmaine Minniefield of her community.
Photo by Charmaine Minniefield of her community.

Community is the connection to a collective investment in identity and purpose. It’s where you create a continous recycling of recipricating respect of your individual distinct contribution and collective identity. When I think of community, I think of a living thriving force of support that I’ve witnessed that forms around important causes like education and the wellness of children or families. This same commitment to humanity exists around art – the creation and preservation of it. Community forms around these common collective efforts.

By Charmaine Minniefield


What I realized, about our definitions of community, is that we all have common dualities within the different backgrounds. Our diverse identities still intertwined after further exploration and communication on what we related to as concepts of community. Community is a broad perspective. It is made up of multiple facets that are defined differently depending on the environment and experiences. I always like to refer to P.P.R. Perspectives, Perceptions and Reality. Depending on where you stand dictates the perspectives or view.

By Michael Jones


All in all, this meeting kicked me in the butt. It got me digging deeper and thinking more intrinsically than I have on my own. It builds my faith to see and acknowledge that the peers in this group cover such a vast array of backgrounds, cultures, and history. This is the well-rounded amalgamation of individuals that solidifies true community. Now, we dig in.

By William Massey III

Photo by William Massey III of Hatch artists in discussion regarding community and identity.
Photo by William Massey III of Hatch artists in discussion regarding community and identity.

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