TechsmARTs : IP & Copyright in the Digital Age


Monday morning C4 Atlanta hosted a TechsmARTs panel discussion in partnership with The Office of Arts at Georgia Tech on Intellectual Property in the digital age. Special thanks to our host sponsors 7 Stages!

The revolution in the information technology world has fundamentally changed the way that people gain access to content. More and more information is becoming available in digital format making almost anything accessible with the click of a mouse. Yet the same technologies that provide this enhanced access also raise difficult questions concerning intellectual property because technology that provides easy access also aids in the ease of copying—both legal and illegal.

C4 Atlanta saw this as a very important and relevant topic trending in the arts community. After issues such as the Richard Price – Suicide Girls Instagram Price War and Tailor Swift’s public extraction from Spotify, C4 Atlanta saw an opportunity to bring a group of panelist together to discuss this poignant issue facing artists and their work.

The stellar panel for this talk was comprised of:

Each panelist played an important role in how the discussion was shaped, and offered varying insights related to copyright, fair use, and intellectual property. The morning started with the following video and concluded with a discussion and Q&A session.


Additionally, we have provided you with a list of articles and resources which sparked the original development of this discussion as well as links to articles/resources mentioned in the talk. If you did not have the opportunity to attend, a full recording of the discussion is available for your listening pleasure.  

Resources & Inspiration

Listen to the whole discussion here:

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