Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Keep Your Cellphones On…

As a young theatre artist I’m often plagued by the fact that most professional theatre productions ignore the current state of technology and the direct connection that it can have to modern audiences. This conundrum of course sparks from the conflict of needing to stay true to a very old art form while also answering for the innovative technology in every person’s pocket. The real question for me is, how can performance artists begin to integrate things like social media and technology in a way that answers for tech-savvy audiences’ needs while remaining honest to the “old-school” storytelling form?

Professional Clown, Mark Gindick, answers many of these questions and more in his one-man show Wingman getting ready to run at Georgia Tech January 20 – 22. You can purchase tickets to the full production here.

Mark has been in residence with DramaTech for the last few months working and developing technology for Wingman. By using the brilliant minds of the next generation to integrate new technology and social media, Mark and DramaTech have created a truly unique experience that speaks directly to the heart of the Social Media Generation.

I had the pleasure to sit in on a short demo of the results of this partnership, and I was truly amazed. From the moment people walked through the door we were asked to keep our cell phones out! We got to choose the pre-show music, build a personal avatar, and live stream our own images all before the show ever began. I kept looking over my shoulder thinking some House Manager was going to ask me to “turn my cellphone off”. Instead, it stayed in my hand the whole time allowing me to interact with Mark’s show in a way I’ve never experienced in a theatre production.

C4 Atlanta and the Office of Arts and Georgia Tech are so excited to be presenting the next TechsmARTs discussion on this topic. We are even more pleased to be able to welcome Mark Gindick and the DramaTech students as our scheduled guests.

Join us on January 25th from 10:30am to 12:00pm at DramaTech’s Ferst Theatre for an open free discussion on “Interactive Technology and Tech-Savvy Audiences”. RSVPs are requested here

While you’re at it, check out this cool video C4 Atlanta put together, and get a sneak peek of Marks inspiration for his show Wingman: 






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