Arts Advocacy Survey – Preliminary Findings

City SkylineBack in December, C4 Atlanta launched an arts advocacy survey in order to inform our Advocacy Committee about the needs of individual arts workers in the metro Atlanta area. In September of 2015, our Board of Directors identified a need to advocate on behalf of individuals, as other groups existed already to advocate on behalf of organizations. However, arts professionals sometimes feel different pressures and are affected by different catalysts than larger organizations. Therefore, in the interest of transparency and due diligence, our committee wished to take action only after taking the temperature of the community at large.

Today, I am pleased to release to you a preliminary look at some of the data that we have uncovered during this process. The PDF available below is a summary of the raw data that has been presented to the committee. Each question posed to the survey respondents is listed at the top, with accompanying data visualizations and key points detailed below.  We are nowhere near finished crunching numbers, and some of the means we have used in this preliminary release of data were not so much used for accuracy as much as trying to identify key patterns quickly. Therefore, some of the short answer questions have been represented as Word Clouds in order to give a quick impression of reoccurring words and phrases. Please note that these visuals only account for the frequency of single words, not phrases or groups of words such as names.

Over the coming weeks, we will work harder to delve deeper into the numbers and answers in order to make more comprehensive correlations. Of particular interest to us is the data regarding wage vs. other expenses paid by artists for living and working. We intend to take a closer look at these numbers on and individual by individual basis. In order to better understand the implication of some of the data included regarding wage, we have included some government benchmarks for reference.

For those who took part in the survey, we thank you for your participation. Special shout outs go out our friends at Burnaway and Atlanta Contemporary for helping us to get the word out about this initiative! Thanks for helping us to reach deeper into the arts community.

For additional questions regarding our advocacy committee, survey data or our advocacy platform, please reach out to

Advocacy Survey Preliminary Data


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