Lend Your Voice: Financial Planning Education for Artists

How I Feel After Paying Rent & BillsFor many artists, a little extra education about finance is always appreciated. Though I teach artists in our Ignite course how to distill their personal hopes and dreams into the words and plans that will help them get there, words and messaging will only get you so far. Without a sound financial strategy for yourself and your arts career that accurately reflects your hopes and dreams, the mission and the message has the potential to stagnate due to lack of funding.

To that affect, we’d like to know what you want to know about financial planning as it relates to YOUR future hopes and dreams. We are currently working with financial planner Mark DiGiovanni, CFP, to consider topics that would be most relevant to professional arts workers in an educational, vendor neutral workshop. This financial planning class would potentially be offered in Spring 2017 if there is interest.

Take the two question survey below, and let us know what’s most important to you! Survey will close on December 31, 2016.


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