Leading Lady : Violette L Meier

Atlanta has a strong and growing creative economy. Everyday, we meet women who are on the ground working to break down barriers, build community, inspire, inform, and entertain the people of Atlanta through the arts.

For National Women’s History Month in March, C4 Atlanta will be curating a Leading Lady blog series celebrating the women in the creative economy of Greater Atlanta. Over the last several weeks, we have asked the public to nominate women in the creative sector who inspire and have positively impacted the Atlanta community through their contributions. 

We are proud to introduce the next Leading Lady of March 2017: Violette L. Meier

Violette shows off the many stories she has written and published.

Where do you work and what do you do?
I am a writer and co-Founder of Viori Publishing and co-Founder of Digidence Social Media Marketing.

When and how did you first become interested in the arts? How long have you been in your line of work?

I have always been interested in the arts, especially writing. I have bee writing since I was 12 years old and I have been published for about 10 years.

What did you want to be or think you were going to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a fashion designer and an astronaut. I am still very much in love with fashion and space, but my true gift is writing.

If you could have lunch with any woman from history who would it be and what would you want to talk about?
There are so many women I would love to meet. If I had to pick one it would probably be Maya Angelou. I would ask her how did she learn to be so strong and comfortable in her skin. I find her confidence and inner beauty incredibly powerful.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
My mother. She is the epitome of strength; always pushing forward no matter the circumstance. I want to be extremely successful so that I can give her everything her heart desires.

“Ruah the Immortal” written by Violette L. Meier is a story of love, betrayal, and preternatural power penetrating one to the very soul. It is a tale of two sisters who wiggle through never-ending obstacles, wrestle with the sacred and the profane, and ultimately face death in hopes of finding life.

How is art a passion for you?
All I need is the air that I breathe and to write. Writing is my art and my purpose.

What are your thoughts on equality and the representation of women in the creative workforce?
Equality is the only way. It is illogical to consider it any other way. Equal work deserves equal pay.

What most excites you about the arts in Atlanta?

Atlanta is my home and it is exciting to see it evolve and grow artistically. I want to help propel this movement into something that can influence the world in a positive way.

What do you hope to contribute to the Atlanta arts community with the work you do?
I want to contribute a different and valuable perspective on speculative fiction. I want my work to entertain and enlighten.

Where can I learn more about your organization/business and work (websites, social media, etc.)?
Facebook: Violette L. Meier
Instagram: violettemeier
Twitter: violettemeier