Fulton County Awards C4 Atlanta $12,000 for 2018 Programming.

C4 Atlanta was recently awarded $12,000 by the Fulton County Commissioners through Fulton County Arts and Culture’s Contracts for Services granting program.

This award will help C4 Atlanta to continue to offer programs and services to over 1,200 professional artists in the Greater Atlanta area in 2018. C4 Atlanta continues to be recognized for the strength of our educational programs for artists. Grant awards like this one help to subsidize the cost of offering our ongoing programs, such as our Ignite Business Planning for Artists, in order to keep them affordable for artists. In addition, it allows us to continue offering programming that keeps artists up to date on the latest trends in arts business. C4 utilizes grant funds to host new programs that may hold a timely interest to artists or to revise existing programs with new updates to keep up with current trends in arts business.

C4 Atlanta is proud to be a recipient of this funding. Thank You, Fulton County!


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