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This last Sunday, C4 Atlanta’s board met to discuss a number of operational things and whatnots. Normal business stuff for a non-profit. However, we did spend some time discussing recent issues within the Atlanta arts community. These issues have ranged from sexual harassment, to racist comments, to problematic power dynamics. From this discussion, the staff and board felt that it is very important that we remain transparent and open. Here are two steps that came from our discussion:

  1. The Board appointed a board member to serve as a community liaison. This board member is not part of the executive committee nor is this person on staff. Please welcome local artist, Lauren Pallotta Stumberg as C4’s new Community Liaison.
  2. The second action is to host a member meeting this summer. This will take place at the top of fiscal year 2020. We will discuss member news at the top of the meeting and then open up the rest of the meeting to non-members for a community lunch. We are hoping to invite a special guest speaker for the member portion of the meeting. This time will be an opportunity for members and non-members to ask questions, give feedback, tell us about their challenges, and to also tell us about their hopes and vision for our city. We do plan to host a community forum this Spring. This is not the same as a member meeting that will now occur annually.

I am sincerely humbled by C4’s trust in me to represent the organization as its Arts Community Liaison. This position demonstrates C4’s dedication to servicing members of our arts community not just as entrepreneurs and advocates, but as complex human beings who deserve safe space to be seen and heard. I take this new responsibility very seriously; much of my work in the arts is about connecting community, advocating for women and amplifying voices. Let’s keep listening.

– Lauren Pallotta Stumberg

Lauren (middle) with other artists in Atlanta

More about the Community Liaison and why we created this position…

C4 Atlanta, like so many nonprofits, is not super flush with cash. We cover our bills and other financial obligations but that leaves little left over to say, employ an HR Director. While we have an employee handbook and a Governance Committee, we don’t have an HR department.

The Community Liaison is a board member. Lauren has been on our board for several years now. However, the Executive Director (my position) tends to work more closely with the organization’s executive leadership: board chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary. Someone who wants to be able to approach our organization should feel welcome to do so. Lauren will be available to listen to anyone who has a grievance. She will report back to the other board members for advice (and as an obligation) on the next appropriate actions should there be a complaint. Lauren’s information will be available on our site shortly.

Also, we will be adding at least one of two more community liaisons to our board. Our goal is to have multiple types of representation. Our board is not very big right now and about 4 members serve on as Executive Officers with 2 others who are founders. The board will be working on recruitment between now and June 30 (end of our fiscal year).

This isn’t going to change the world, but we hope it will at least help keep the stewards of the organization accountable, open, and responsible.

Wanna learn more about Lauren? 

Visit her site:

Lauren’s email:

Lauren Pallota Stumberg


  1. Joe pallotta says:

    That’s my daughter! A great, wonderful, socially aware woman, artist, mother and wife!! A superb choice😎👍

  2. Grace Brown says:

    I have known this beautiful person for about 5 years. She has come into our family & is now my cousin. I agree with her Dad, she is kind, understanding, strong in her confictions, always has time for those in need and an all round amazing woman. You have made the perfect choice.
    Grace Brown

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