C4 Atlanta Inc. is a non-profit arts service organization whose mission is to connect arts entrepreneurs to the people, skills and tools they need to build a successful artistic career in metro Atlanta. The organization was founded in July 2010 in response to a growing need for business services for Atlanta’s arts community. C4 Atlanta fulfills this mission by offering professional practice classes for artists, fiscal sponsorship, co-working space, and more.

C4 Atlanta staff
C4 Staff: Somalia, Audrey & Jessyca

Our Mission

C4 Atlanta connects arts entrepreneurs to the people, skills and tools they need to build a successful artistic career in metro Atlanta.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Atlanta artists to earn a living making art.

A Brief History of C4 Atlanta

C4 Atlanta incorporated as a nonprofit in July, 2010. Before forming what was to become C4 Atlanta, the team spent hundreds of hours conducting an environmental scan of local and national arts services. Through this market analysis, the C4 Atlanta team determined that there existed a need within the community for business development services specifically designed with the artist in mind.

The C4 Atlanta Action Team began this endeavor under some of the worst possible economic conditions we faced in our lifetimes. Businesses in nearly every sector were hemorrhaging jobs, and the Atlanta region was among the unfortunate leaders in this race to the bottom.

In 2011, we streamlined our programs to focus primarily on arts professionals. We developed a series of “core” professional development offerings by 2012, and we began operating a shared work space for artists and small, creative businesses. Between 2013 and 2015, we experience exponential growth in terms of both services and capacity. Our capacity continues to grow each year with the addition of staff members and paid, working artists to facilitate classes. In 2015, the C4 Atlanta Board of Directors added advocacy for arts workers as a resource we provide the field. Over the next several years, we will continue to reach out to artists and creative professionals for feedback, integrate feedback, and strive to maintain the highest of professional offerings. 

Our mission reflects the core areas of challenges C4 Atlanta will address within the arts and culture community. The mission also leverages our core competencies as a team, board and business partners within Atlanta, and nationally.

Our mission will continue to evolve over time — and we hope the evolution will be expansive. Today, our service area is the metro Atlanta region. In addition to strengthening our existing core competencies, we hope to develop new competencies so that we continue to serve the needs of Atlanta’s arts community.

Core Values

As an organization focused on arts entrepreneurship, C4 Atlanta, above all else, respects the working artist. Artists should always be compensated for the work they perform, whether the compensation is monetary or in bartered form.         

C4 Atlanta values learning and reflection from all of its stakeholders. We share knowledge openly and constructively. In all the professional development opportunities we offer, we facilitate the learning process more than we teach.

For many artists the perfect combination of circumstances, connections, knowledge, financial stability or other support and resources comes too late for action or production to occur.  Individuals have the power to transform communities.  Each of our stakeholders – the staff, members, directors, volunteers, donors and others – can be a change agent in the arts community in Metro Atlanta.

Sustainability is not enough.  Many artists face great challenges to their livelihoods throughout their careers.  We strive to help artists surpass sustainability so that they can focus on what’s important – making art – through building resiliency within our organization and offerings.

True arts advocacy does not always come in the form of a knight in shining armor, and true arts leadership does not come with the power to move money. Every artist has the power within to become a transformative leader. The best arts advocacy lies in the power of the artist to transform people, businesses and whole communities.

C4 Atlanta Staff Members

Jessyca Holland – Executive Director

Jessyca has worked as an arts administrator for over fifteen years in Atlanta. Before joining the world of nonprofit arts administration, Jessyca was an independent actor performing in Greater Atlanta. Jessyca is the co-founder of C4 Atlanta (2010). Jessyca participated in the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative 2007 Leadership Program, the 2011 Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta, a 2011 Judith O’Conner Scholar, BoardSource, named Alumni of the Year by the University of West Georgia Theatre Company in 2013 and received an Achievement Award from her Alma mater, April 2014. Currently, Jessyca is a collaborator for a national initiative, Artists Thrive. She has been on arts panels and led workshops for Georgia Forward, Gather Atlanta, and the Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations, and many more. Jessyca earned her B.A. in Theatre in 2000 from the University of West Georgia, and Masters of Library Media in 2009 from Georgia State University. She is currently working towards a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Planning and Economic Development. Jessyca is the mother of two beautiful daughters and is married to the most amazing human in the world. 

Jessyca currently teaches: Ignite, Ignite “Lite” and AIM

Audrey Gámez – Education Director

Audrey Gámez brings 11 years of education experience to her role as Education Manager for C4 Atlanta. She was previously a facilitator for the Ignite class and has served as Education Coordinator for MASS Collective. Audrey began working in arts administration as an intern with WonderRoot in 2014. An active volunteer, Audrey has worked with several community and arts organizations around Atlanta. In addition to her responsibilities with C4 Atlanta, Audrey continues to work as a professional singer and music educator, maintaining a private voice, violin and viola studio. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Texas and Master of Music degree from Louisiana State University.

Audrey currently teaches: Ignite, AIM Atlanta, and Ignite Lite

Somalia Ra-min – Program Assistant

Somalia is a recent college graduate, who has been involved in entertainment since she was 10. She’s a multi-talented creative who brings bright innovative ideas to the C4 Atlanta team in her role as Program Assistant. Her involvement in the arts community, early on in her career, drives her work at C4 to connect artists to resources and opportunites to help their careers thrive. As a recording artist, actress, tv and radio host, Somalia understands the needs of working artists in Atlanta. Somalia holds a Bachelor’s degree from Spelman College in Comparative Women’s Studies with a concentration in the performing arts.

Somalia currently manages: Opportunity Arts