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Employ Artists Across the United States
Dear Atlanta Arts Organizations & Arts Workers, 

I wanted to share “To Rebuild and Reimagine the United States Post-Pandemic, We Must Put Creative Workers to Work,” a new collaborative Creative Workforce proposal that was developed by a collective of over 100 collaborating cultural organizations. C4 Atlanta has endorsed this policy proposal alongside over 250 other cultural organizations and individual creative workers, and I am writing to encourage you to review it and consider doing the same. 

This policy proposal is all about activating the creative economy within a comprehensive national recovery strategy, and the organizers are now gathering organizational and individual endorsements 
before the full release on September 9, 2020. They now have over 250 endorsements from all across the country, and are hoping to show strong, unified support for a creative workforce program to 
both of the Presidential campaigns and to the current Administration and Congressional officials. You can see the list of organizational endorsements to-date here.
The proposal has now officially launched at The document compiles 15 different, specific proposals for action, centered on efforts that will:
1)      drive direct federal employment of creative workers;
2)      encourage local, state, private sector, and tribal activation of creative workers;
3)      adjust existing federal policies to treat creative workers as workers;
4)      integrate creative interventions into response, recovery, and resilience programs; and
5)      support cultural organizations and access to arts, culture, and arts education for all.
Please review the proposal and consider adding your endorsement to the growing list. And please also share this email with those you serve, including other cultural groups, creative workers, 
funders, and patrons.
If you have any questions, please email Clay Lord at Americans for the Arts at
Thank you, and keep well,

Jessyca Holland
Executive Director, C4 Atlanta 

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