This page will support and connect you with all the needed resources for a successful ArtsForce Incubation project with C4 Atlanta. 

If you do not find what you are looking for on this page please reach out to 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my project page?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to set up your General Donation page or convert it to a Crowdfunding Page.

You can also complete at this link:

Where do I find insurance?


How does my donor make an In-Kind donation?
If your donor would like to make an in-kind donation they need to complete the form via the link below.
Remember that space and services are not considered tax-deductible. This means that space and services cannot come through this form.
What if I need C4 Atlanta's EIN, W-2, or Incorporated paperwork?
All request for EIN, W-2, or Incorporation paper work must come through an email request to

Projects should NEVER apply for anything under C4 Atlanta’s name or submit paperwork as C4 Atlanta without prior approval. 

Grant Funder List

Please download the page below for a full list of grantors and foundations that accept fiscal sponsorship. This is not an exhaustive list. C4 Atlanta encourages all projects to visit the Foundation Center to expand their research and opportunities.

Download Grant List

I found a grant I want to apply for. Now what?
If you have found a foundation or grantor you feel your project would be right for:

  • First. contact that grantor an make sure they accept Fiscally Sponsored Projects. This is not the case with all foundations and grantors. They may also have special applications or processes that C4 Atlanta needs to handle.
  • Second, once you have confirmed with the Foundation or Grantor that they do accept Fiscal Sponsorship, then reach out to Jessyca Holland at to inform C4 Atlanta of your interest. Please also pass along any relevant information you may have received from the Foundation or Grantor.

All grants must be written by the project and approved by C4 Atlanta PRIOR to submission. C4 Atlanta requires 10 business days to review and approve grants. This means that last minute request may be denied or projects may be charged an additional $75 fee for review. Please consider this when you begin the grant writing process.

The Forms You Need to Succeed

ArtsForce - Final Project Report

  • This is your electronic signature.

Conference Room reservation is first come first serve, and can only be reserved for project specific needs.

 Events in red are held in the conference room.   Events in yellow are held in the common area. 
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