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2016 Summer ArtsForce Projects

ArtsForceC4 Atlanta welcomes 8 new projects to our ArtsForce programming. Through this fiscal sponsorship program artists and creative organizations have raised over $220,000 in the last 2 and 1/2 years. We are excited to introduce the following new projects to C4 Atlanta’s ArtsForce program:




Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

Dog-Sees-God-Header-ImageDog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead is a play that deals with issues that affect our community, specifically, coming out LGBTQ at a young age. In Atlanta, 1 out of 4 homeless are LGBTQ. This project will be working with Lost-n-Found Youth, an organization whose mission is to get homeless LGBTQ off the streets of Atlanta. The goal of this show is to not only to entertain an audience but to educate them as well.


The Effect That Absence of Love & Intimacy Has on Relationships

The Effect That Absence of Love & Intimacy has on Relationships is a stylistic documentary that focuses on human behavior. The film presents both non-fiction and fictional accounts of individuals and couples who have been damaged by relationships. Viewers are able to get a peak into their pasts to see why the participants turned out that way.


The Humble Telescopes

THT initiative will curate 6 art-centric workshops to organizations serving Atlanta’s at-risk youth. The sessions aim to explore positive and creative avenues despite initial systemic realities. During the 2 hour sessions, artists build relationships with the youth through technical workshops and group discussions to share personal narratives. The initiative supports artists by offering compensation and an opportunity to share their process with those who are not often exposed to their work. The at-risk youth population work collaboratively, gain technical skills, and develop a more empowered sense of self. They then begin to make more positive connections with the larger community.


The Icebreaker

The project will use a fusion of traditional West African, Afro Cuban, and African American song, music and dance, creating a new sound that will teach and erase myths regarding the tradition. The project will host various music workshops, song/dance classes on its travel throughout the country. This project will educate the public on the many phases of African traditional spiritual expression as it has traveled throughout the world through (using) music, dance, and interactive workshops. This will assist with eliminating ignorance around culture, and encourage the desire to learn more others as well as themselves.


Lenspeace: A Year in Giving


This project aims to combine both by curating a collective of creatives all motivated for the subject of social change, provide them with the theme to create art around, and then allow organizations who couldn’t otherwise afford such impactful design to utilize the artwork for their own communications efforts. The project serves to connect the public to social causes through impactful design and to provide organizations and causes with the materials they need to effectively communicate their voice visually. This project both beautifies and amplifies the modern civil rights movement, while helping to educate the public on the need for social justice.


My Time 2B Blessed

FullSizeRender (1)“My Time 2B Blessed” is a stage musical, written from a true story about family; capitalizing on one mother’s faith , which made her resilient in rearing 10 children, she instilled in each of us the power of love, being musically inclined we made music 24/7 singing, beating pots,pans, tables and the walls. This musical exemplifies family. The public benefits in this musical is family, love, the power of prayer, it teaches never to give up on the gifts and talents we’ve been given, it advocates that suicide is never the answer, and being different is an originality showing that each individual is unique.


TAAR Project, Therapeutic Adolescent Artists Residency

In its second year, the Therapeutic Artists Residency (TAR project) will offer four Atlanta based teen (15-19) artists monthly individual sessions and group experiential activities followed by group sessions. These artist will develop skills to use expression as a form of self-care, explore therapeutic themes in their work and have direct support. This second round of the TAR will further the public statement of the need and importance to support artists with therapeutic relationships and combat stigma. TAR offers the artists the emotional support and art-making-process development; and the project is a study itself on the possibilities of supporting the public art scene in new radical ways.


Y’allywood Film Festivalyallywood - Logo

In the past few years, Georgia has seen an explosion of film production by major studios due to tax incentives, ideal locations and weather, and easy accessibility via the world’s busiest airport. While hiring local talent for these productions is great for our local film economy, it is important that southern cinema maintain an independent voice and that the film-making community of the south is not reduced to an outsourcing market for big studios. This year’s summit will bring southeastern filmmakers, scholars, critics, students, and enthusiasts together in order to conceptualize the cinema of the New South.

TAR Project Announces Residency Artists

The TAR Project (Therapeutic Artist Residency) has announced their four Atlanta-based inaugural artist residents. TAR Project is a fiscally sponsored project of C4 Atlanta, and Orion Crook (founder of Orion Psychotherapy) is a a graduate of both the Ignite and Hatch programs.

The Therapeutic Artists Residency (TAR Project), founded in 2015 by Orion Psychotherapy, will work with four artists over the course of a year. Program participants will receive free monthly individual and two-hour group therapy sessions as well as a $200 Binders stipend, membership to C4 Atlanta and scholarship to a class of their choice, and a Rolfing session from In the therapeutic sessions, artists will explore therapeutic themes in their work, develop skills to use expression as a form of self-care and have direct support for their challenging life career path in the arts. The residency will culminate in a group show featuring individual and group work and consist of pre and post assessments. More information is available at

We are honored and pleased to announce the 2016-2017 TAR Residents:

Steven L. Anderson,

Artwork by Steven L. Anderson
Artwork by Steven L. Anderson

Kyle A. Henderson,

Artwork by Kyle A. Henderson
Artwork by Kyle A. Henderson

Xenia Simos

Artwork by Xenia Simos
Artwork by Xenia Simos

Julie Sims,

Artwork by Julie Sims
Artwork by Julie Sims

Congratulations to these resident artists and to the TAR Project for launching their residency program!


New Fiscally Sponsored Projects through ArtsForce

C4 Atlanta is proud to announce its new fiscally sponsored projects through ArtsForce for fall 2015.

Each of these projects is a creative endeavor specific to the state of Georgia, and offers a public good to the community in which it serves.

All donations made to these projects are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Check out more about these projects below:


The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival is a three-day celebration of the community that is Atlanta. Aimed at encouraging new works and promoting Atlanta productions, the festival will present musical performances culminating to the Main Event, a fully produced world premiere. The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival also seeks to support organizations for theatre education. In addition to performances from new works and Atlanta productions, the festival will also feature performances from local educational groups.


trestle header Catalyst Arts ATL is a local artists collective collaborating to develop artistic works that provide a catalyst for moments of discovery and community dialogue. “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek” by Naomi Wallace will be the first Catalyst Arts Atlanta production. This play delves into issues of unemployment, and asks questions about how we define ourselves as people. The social focus for this play is on unemployment in ATL, and the partnership for this production will be with Wholesome Wave GA, a non profit providing lower income families with accessibility to locally grown food. We will be volunteering at farmers markets, donating 10% of all ticket sales to their mission, and sharing stories and interviews through social media.



Lotus SEEDs is an affiliate of a national program founded by Myra Krien. It is an after-school mentorship program for girls that builds self-esteem, empowerment and education through dance. Unlike other youth programs we incorporate non-competitive physical activity that is accessible to all body types. Unlike other dance programs we teach life skills through local resources to benefit the girls and the community.



Dance Towards HealthDance Towards Health was created  to offer a non-competitive environment where participants feel comfortable engaging in recreational dance workshops, healthy and low-cost cooking demonstrations, and stress management techniques. The program was designed around the premise that utilizing dance would attract participants that already love to dance, as well as individuals who do not enjoy traditional methods of exercise.

The mission of this program is to educate children, teens, and adults who are currently or  at risk of becoming overweight or obese about the benefits of regular physical activity, such as dance, how to prevent or reduce excessive weight gain by choosing healthier food options ; To provide program participants with a non-competitive atmosphere to enjoy dancing with the purpose of improving their health.


logo “Goddesspell” is an innovative, original musical being created in collaboration with many artists of varied disciplines as a celebration of the feminine spirit and it’s principle (yin) coming into balance with the masculine (yang). We are raising money for the first step in this journey which is the presentation and touring of a preview concert by the core ensemble (including The Pacha Mamas) which we are calling “A Touch of the Goddess.”


Find out more about ArtsForce and C4 Atlanta’s fiscally sponsored projects here.

New C4 Fiscally Sponsored Projects

C4’s ArtsForce program is growing. In the last year, artists and creative organizations have raised close to $60,000. A few projects are currently using our ArtsForce crowdfunding website. A few projects are currently raising funds and are about to launch.

Current Collections in Centennial Park
Current Collections in Centennial Park

On Friday, May 8th – Current Collections will host a launch party for their giant sculpture in Centennial Park. The sculpture is made with re-purposed materials. It will be a sight to behold. Please join us Friday, May 8th at 6pm for the opening party in Centennial Park. 

On Monday, May 11th – Wheel 2 Live artist, Frank Barham, will begin his journey by wheelchair to Savannah to raise awareness about the 25th anniversary of the ADA. He has also raised money to purchase wheelchairs for those individuals who cannot afford one. The launch will start at 9 AM at the Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum. Join C4’s staff to show your
support for this very worthy cause.
Wheel 2 Live
Musician Frank Barham

we are very proud of all of our ArtsForce projects. Congratulations to the newest ArtsForce Projects:


Cashin Sculpture Garden

Build an outdoor sculpture garden along an existing horse trail located on Chukkar Farm Polo Club & Event Facility. Total of 54 sculpture sites to be built in three phases. Phase I includes 21 sculpture sites and, entry landing, and signage. The display will gain exposure for artists in commissions and all art is on consignment and for sale.


DanceATL provides resources, promotion, and collaborative opportunities for the dance community in Atlanta. Project activities focus on advocacy, professional development and information resources. These activities are designed to gather and disseminate information, convene individuals & groups around key issues, facilitate networking and stimulate the communal voice.

Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong

‘Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong’ has been formed to promote courage and strength in children in the face of life’s challenges and to encourage non-violence, especially in young people and children. It has also been formed to provide a platform for creative artists to lend their voice to this effort.

New Freedom Project

The New Freedom Project is a community-based arts initiative led by visual artist, Charmaine Minniefield to celebrate African-American history. The New Freedom Project celebrates the journey through history and calls to the present the wisdom of those who have come before to inspire a new freedom movement of understanding and healing today.

Pine Lake City Arts

Pine Lake City Arts supports artistic projects initiated by the citizens of Pine Lake, pop. 800. The two activities under the PLCA umbrella are 1) LakeFest, a free weekend of music, arts, food and fun, held the first weekend in October, and 2) Eco-Arts Camp, a six-week summer day camp connecting youth to nature through the arts.


RESIST is a site specific dance/body/object installation work inspired by the Gezi Park civil rights protests in Turkey in 2013 and nourished with other global civil rights movements. It is presented by the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art, in partnership with WonderRoot and the Mayor’s Of Cultural Affairs.