C4 Atlanta has recently shared some Pop-Up Classes for COVID-19 related issues. In an effort to make the content of these programs more accessible, we have recorded them so that artists may share the content with others or refer back to it.

On April 22, 2020, C4 Atlanta welcomed Renata Marinaro, of Actors Fund, and Amir Jones, of The Health Initiative, as facilitators for COVID-19 Concerned: Insurance Edition. 

This post contains the recording of this session. All information was current as of April 22, 2020 to the best of knowledge of our facilitators.

Please note: Content in this workshop is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an alternative to working with a social worker, health insurance navigator or other insurance professional.

Facilitators shared information not only on Insurance Basics (common terms, what is usually covered, etc.) but also covered a ton of COVID-19 related information for arts workers who may be looking for new coverage, can’t afford their current coverage due to lost income, or who may have lost coverage from an employer. Renata and Amir also covered some options such as short term plans and health share plans that some folks may be considering if they are unable to apply for coverage on the Marketplace outside of open enrollment. These kinds of options differ greatly from Marketplace insurance plans, and the facilitators covered the key differences of which artists should be aware of. Also, for those currently uninsured who did not have previous coverage, the facilitators mentioned low-cost and free healthcare services options that are accessible to low-income and uninsured peoples.

For those who have coverage, but are finding it difficult to afford it, Renata mentioned special income considerations for artists to know about that could help them save money through higher subsidies on their marketplace plans. For those that have had their coverage dropped, they would likely qualify for special enrollment on the marketplace due to losing coverage. They may also qualify for COBRA, but the facilitators mentioned that there may be both financial and coverage considerations for artists to think about before deciding which is best for themselves and their families.

Links Shared by Facilitators During this Session:

The Actors Fund: (917)281-5975 actorsfund.org

The Health Initiative: (404) 688-2524 thehealthinitiative.org/

C4 Atlanta: 1-800-WOW-ARTS c4atlanta.org

Actors Fund Emergency Fund for (crisis fund for artists in any area of entertainment): actorsfund.org/am-i-eligible-help

Medicare Information at Actors Fund: actorsfund.org/basics-medicare

C4 Atlanta Lost Gig Fund: c4atlanta.org/covid19apply

Health Insurance Marketplace: healthcare.gov

C4 Atlanta Local Resources for Uninsured and Low-Income Artists: c4atlanta.org/health-resources/

Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program: Available to C4 member artists who meet all program eligibility requirements (see the webpage for all eligibility requirements): c4atlanta.org/bridge

Grady Financial Assistance Program (for uninsured, low-income folks in Fulton and Dekalb Counties): gradyhealth.org/financial-assistance-program/

Georgia Gateway (for understanding Georgia Medicaid eligibility – also includes information for other government programs such as SNAP, TANF, and WIC): gateway.ga.gov/access

Federally Qualified Health Center (A list of low cost and free clinics for the uninsured): findahealthcarecenter.hrsa.gov

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (to verify whether you plan is an ACA regulate plan or not): naic.org

To find lower cost and county hospitals: essentialhospitals.org (click on “our members”)

Needy Meds (lists free drug access assistance programs for help getting prescription medication, especially for high-cost medications) – needymeds.org

GoodRX.com (to compare drug prices and receive medication discounts) – goodrx.com

More resources for Georgia Based Health Insurance Enrollment help: 

Out2Enroll: out2enroll.org

Georgians for a Healthy Future: healthyfuturega.org

The Health Initiative: thehealthinitiative.org/