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Why this is important:

There is a lot at stake for artists in this election. Elected officials listen to voters. C4 Atlanta wants to make sure, no matter who you vote for, that artists vote to have their voices heard! See below on how you can pledge to vote. The polls are waiting!

What you need to know:

Early voting in person is open from October 12 – October 30, 2020 in Georgia. Dates, times and locations vary locally, so check when polls are open in your county here.

We’ve put together some helpful info in this alert to make your trip to the polls easier.

Early Voting Step By Step

Step 1: Check dates and times in your county and make of where and when you intend to vote. Keep in mind wait times when allotting time for voting.

Step 2:Sign in to My Voter Page to view a sample ballot and check your voter registration.

Step 3:Research any candidates or ballot issues you may not be familiar with. One of our favorites sites for non-partisan information is Ballotpedia. Additionally, check candidate websites for their policy platforms and organizations you trust (such as the ACLU or the League of Women Voters) for more information about specific issues.

Step 4: Get a Ride! New Georgia Project is offering free rides for early voting to the polls in Metro Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Albany and Savannah. Dial 1-800-874-1541 to arrange your ride.

Step 5:
Go vote! Be sure to bring a valid, government-issued picture ID with you to the polls. Early voting ends October 30, 2020.

Step 6: Trouble at the polls? Call the Georgia Voter Protection Hotline: 888-730-5816

So why do Atlanta Creatives Vote?

creative team: C. Flux Sing; Phyllis Iller; W. Feagins Jr.

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