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Featured Projects

Teen TAR Project, Therapeutic Artists Residency

The TAR Project or Therapeutic Artists Residency is new to Atlanta and offers direct therapeutic support for 4 artist a year alongside all sorts of other rewards (i.e., Binders gift cards, membership to C4 and scholarship to a class of their choice, massages, etc.). Round two of TAR will target… Read more

My Time 2B Blessed

Project exemplify family love, a mother educating her children, 1 son and 9 daughters about the power of love that can conquer anything. At the tender age of understanding, we were told that she refuses to loose any of her children to drugs, alcohol, and the brutal streets. Bettie (mother)… Read more

State of the Art: Atlanta Film Fest

Art in Motion was created for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience. We’ve chosen to host our event at the Landmark Art Cinema which has historically supported independent and commercial film in downtown Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has evolved into a cinematic powerhouse and SOTAA wants… Read more


DanceATL’s vision is to foster a vibrant dance landscape across the city that attracts and retains dance artists, builds and educates audiences, plays a vital role in the Atlanta economy, and inspires our communities. By promoting dance as a part of Atlanta’s vibrant arts ecosystem, we connect dance artists to… Read more