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Celebration of Dance

ELAH Productions presents Celebration of Dance (CoD)! This Award Show and Conference honors and recognizes dancers, choreographers, and directors for their traditional and innovative contributions to the dance and entertainment industry. Our goal is to highlight trail blazers in the entertainment community of Atlanta who have truly paved the way.… Read more

The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival : EMPOWER Campaign

One of the greatest things about The AMTF is that it gives new work the opportunity to be SEEN and experienced.  Through the EMPOWER campaign, The AMTF will be able to keep ticket prices at an affordable $15-a 40% discount from last year’s prices-so that everyone can have the opportunity… Read more

JTR Presents: Joshua Rashaad McFadden

About this Project This event is a presentation of world-renowned, multi-award winning artist, Joshua Rashaad McFadden, and his past three bodies of work. The talk includes conversations about McFadden’s creative process and the issues his work addresses; such as Colorism, Social Justice, and masculinity. These three major contemporary issues are… Read more


What is a Critical Crop Top? That is a very good question, my friend! Critical Crop Top is a women-run production company that creates comedic content in the form of short web videos, live sketch shows, and podcasts. The key thing that makes Critical Crop Top different from your average,… Read more