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My Time 2B Blessed

Project exemplify family love, a mother educating her children, 1 son and 9 daughters about the power of love that can conquer anything. At the tender age of understanding, we were told that she refuses to loose any of her children to drugs, alcohol, and the brutal streets. Bettie (mother)… Read more

Bloom: Collaboration and Community through Art Workshops

Starting in April 2018, TILA Studios will launch quarterly workshops for black women artists in Atlanta. TILA believes that in order for an individual to create work, they need time and space. Bloom’s programming will offer a range of courses from Adobe Suite Series to Medium Format Photography. Bloom’s curriculum… Read more

JTR Presents: Joshua Rashaad McFadden

About this Project This event is a presentation of world-renowned, multi-award winning artist, Joshua Rashaad McFadden, and his past three bodies of work. The talk includes conversations about McFadden’s creative process and the issues his work addresses; such as Colorism, Social Justice, and masculinity. These three major contemporary issues are… Read more

Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic – Phase 1: Research

Hi, I’m Daniel and my company, Summers.Solutions, is creating a Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic: a way for graduate students to receive practical experience while providing free aid to local nonprofits and charitable projects. What’s that again? Similar concept as a Legal Aid Clinic, but focused on providing free assistance… Read more