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The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek : A Production by Catalyst Arts ATL

Catalyst Arts ATL is a local artists collective collaborating to develop artistic works that provide a catalyst for moments of discovery and community dialogue.  “The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek” by Naomi Wallace will be the first Catalyst production. This play delves into issues of unemployment, and asks questions about how we define ourselves as people. It … Read more

The Humble Telescopes (THT)

The Humble Telescopes (THT) focus on nurturing the psychological and self-fulfillment needs of the youth served at Covenant House, Families First, CHRIS Kids, and Nicholas House. THT utilizes arts and culture to bring intentional, relevant and safe workshops to: address the disparities in access and exposure to art provide a safe creative outlet improve social … Read more

Dance Towards Health

DTH was created to offer a non-competitive environment where participants engage in dance workshops, healthy and low-cost cooking demonstrations, and stress management techniques. The program was designed around the premise that utilizing dance would attract participants that already love to dance, as well as those who have not tried dance yet.

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden is committed to connecting art and nature to people’s perception of sculpture. Its aim is to present the public with a variety of engrossing exhibits, programming, classes, projects, and events. The garden will create artistic and intellectual opportunities for artists and the public. Provide an experience of collaboration and reflection to enhance … Read more