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SAVE HUMANITY FROM IMMINENT EXTINCTION with Tribal Theatre Group’s biggest production yet! The Play A personal ad for sex to change the course of the world means exactly that: the future of humanity depends on biologist Jules and journalism student Jo when a global catastrophe strikes. A stocked underground bunker,… Read more

Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival

About the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival   Now in its second year, the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival is becoming the premiere musical theatre festival in the Southeast. In our inaugural year, we presented four brand new musicals over two days, in two venues, to more than 400 patrons. In year… Read more

Maker Faire Atlanta

Maker Faire Atlanta is an annual celebrtaion of all things do-it-yourself (or do-it-together). We create an event taht brings together people with diverse interests, ranging from art and carft to science and engineering, and we give them a space to show off their work. We inspire and educate our attendees… Read more

Blink Blink Beauty

Blink Blink Beauty is a contemporary ballet-hip hop duet conceived, produced, and directed by Lyrric Cosby Jackson. It is choreographed and performed by Lyrric and Jackson Hayes. The movement explores self-love and acceptance through fearless technical execution that welcomes the audience to take an internal journey of self-discovery. The daring… Read more