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There is a tsunami of change coming to Atlanta and to cities around the world. The turmoil that we see emerging from these changes includes rapid population growth, demographic shifting and social inequities, wasteful land and energy consumption, rampant environmental degradation, worsening traffic congestion, escalating costs for housing and construction,… Read more

Guardians of Gaia : A Touch of Goddesspell

“Goddesspell” is an innovative, original musical being created in collaboration with many artists of varied disciplines as a celebration of the feminine spirit and it’s principle (yin) coming into balance with the masculine (yang). For a show synopsis and artist bios click here. We are raising money for the first… Read more

Dance/USA Fellowship

This fellowship was awarded as unrestricted funding to support individual artistic practice. I plan to use it towards support for research, development, and writing time; development of technical platforms which facilitate equity for disabled artists and audiences; and support towards expenses for choreographic and development projects. Read more

Symphonic Revolution

Symphonic Revolution seeks to neutralize the elitism associated with classical music. By providing a relaxed setting without rules and dress codes, Symphonic Revolution will take people into the experience of music, allowing all participants to be free to wander, dance, clap and holler when they feel inspired, and feel immersed… Read more