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Featured Projects

Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic – Phase 1: Research

Hi, I’m Daniel and my company, Summers.Solutions, is creating a Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic: a way for graduate students to receive practical experience while providing free aid to local nonprofits and charitable projects. What’s that again? Similar concept as a Legal Aid Clinic, but focused on providing free assistance… Read more

Teen TAR Project, Therapeutic Artists Residency

The TAR Project or Therapeutic Artists Residency is new to Atlanta and offers direct therapeutic support for 4 artist a year alongside all sorts of other rewards (i.e., Binders gift cards, membership to C4 and scholarship to a class of their choice, massages, etc.). Round two of TAR will target… Read more

All City Murals: LIFT College Park

All City murals is teaming up with the city of College Park for an extensive mural project that will be centered around the historic district and impact the entire community. College Park is one of the most historic cities in the state of Georgia and one of the fastest growing… Read more

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden

Cashin’s Sculpture Garden is committed to connecting art and nature to people’s perception of sculpture. Its aim is to present the public with a variety of engrossing exhibits, programming, classes, projects, and events. The garden will create artistic and intellectual opportunities for artists and the public. Provide an experience of… Read more