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Lotus SEEDs: The Future of Tradition

Lotus SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Education, and Empowerment through Dance) is an affiliate of a national program founded by Myra Krien — a unique opportunity for pre-teen and teen girls to experience dance in a body-positive environment while building life and relationship skills that will serve them for years to come! Following the success of our Winter/Spring … Read more

Critical Crop Top 2017 Season

“What is a Critical Crop Top? Sounds like a type of haircut.” It kind of does! No, we are not a haircut, but we do hope to one day have a sandwich named after us at our favorite coffee shop. For now, we prefer to think of ourselves as socially conscious comedians with a feminist … Read more


SAVE HUMANITY FROM IMMINENT EXTINCTION with Tribal Theatre Group’s biggest production yet! The Play A personal ad for sex to change the course of the world means exactly that: the future of humanity depends on biologist Jules and journalism student Jo when a global catastrophe strikes. A stocked underground bunker, hundreds of diapers, and an … Read more

Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic – Phase 1: Research

Hi, I’m Daniel and my company, Summers.Solutions, is creating a Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic: a way for graduate students to receive practical experience while providing free aid to local nonprofits and charitable projects. What’s that again? Similar concept as a Legal Aid Clinic, but focused on providing free assistance to charitable projects, staffed by … Read more