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Guardians of Gaia aka A Touch of Goddesspell

“Guardians of Gaia” is a 45 min theatrical concert that focuses on our relationship with the natural world incorporating strong environmental themes and performed by The Pacha Mamas. During this show the audience will be visited by three powerful goddesses who represent different aspects/elements of our Mother Earth. “Guardians of… Read more

State of the Art: Atlanta Film Fest

Art in Motion was created for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience. We’ve chosen to host our event at the Landmark Art Cinema which has historically supported independent and commercial film in downtown Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has evolved into a cinematic powerhouse and SOTAA wants… Read more

Dance Towards Health

DTH was created to offer a non-competitive environment where participants engage in dance workshops, healthy and low-cost cooking demonstrations, and stress management techniques. The program was designed around the premise that utilizing dance would attract participants that already love to dance, as well as those who have not tried dance… Read more

Citizen LIFT

Citizen LIFT explores the relationship between American Politics, and men of color. Many political issues affect men of color, and have for Years. We will explore these issues choreographically from the 13th amendment to recent controversies surrounding police brutality. More importantly, give a voice to a group of people that… Read more