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Lotus SEEDs: The Future of Tradition

Lotus SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Education, and Empowerment through Dance) is an affiliate of a national program founded by Myra Krien — a unique opportunity for pre-teen and teen girls to experience dance in a body-positive environment while building life and relationship skills that will serve them for years to come! Following the success of our Winter/Spring … Read more

State of the Art: Atlanta Film Fest

Art in Motion was created for filmmakers to showcase their work to a wider audience. We’ve chosen to host our event at the Landmark Art Cinema which has historically supported independent and commercial film in downtown Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has evolved into a cinematic powerhouse and SOTAA wants to be apart of that … Read more

Art Therapy Box

The Art Therapy Box is a project that intends to change the way we perceive mental illness by advocating and educating the public in unique ways. Our product, a box with art materials paired with art therapy directives to be used by people from the comfort of home, can help them learn about alternatives therapies … Read more


The Courageous Theater Ensemble’s newest work (Echoes) is an experimental Dance Theater piece exploring the capabilities of the human voice through movement and spoken word. The performance will be fashioned from love letters of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, pop music acapellas from the 1960′s, ballet, and postmodern dance movement. By pairing sporadic creative thinking … Read more