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Featured Projects

T . Lang Dance Company : Post

Post, set inside an antebellum home with an interactive revival tent on the lawn, focuses on connecting historical past with historical present using dance and technology as a bridge to explore the depths of human behavior and emotional connectivity. Seeing the multiplicity of these two forms, T. Lang Dance collaborates… Read more

A Year In Giving

A Year In Giving is a Design For Good Letterpress Poster Collaboration, focused on creating poster art to serve non-profits focused on social justice, the environment, and culture. This project is a demonstration how art creates and serves community. With the help of the organization we get their mission distilled… Read more

Lotus SEEDs: The Future of Tradition

Lotus SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Education, and Empowerment through Dance) is an affiliate of a national program founded by Myra Krien — a unique opportunity for pre-teen and teen girls to experience dance in a body-positive environment while building life and relationship skills that will serve them for years to come! Following… Read more

Guardians of Gaia : A Touch of Goddesspell

“Goddesspell” is an innovative, original musical being created in collaboration with many artists of varied disciplines as a celebration of the feminine spirit and it’s principle (yin) coming into balance with the masculine (yang). For a show synopsis and artist bios click here. We are raising money for the first… Read more