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Posted Sep 04, 2020

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Application Due Sep 30, 2020


Wix is seeking artist contributions. Each month Wix releases a brief for what kind of content they’re looking for and this month, that’s:


$120/video & $60/photo.

We’re looking for photos and videos with a focus on music. They can be of people playing instruments independently or in a band. They can be practicing at home or at school. They can even be in music lessons with a teacher. You can also shoot people singing casually or professionally; they can be singing in a performance, to a mirror, at karaoke, or even in a car! And let’s not forget about DJ’s, DJ sets, music festivals and parties! You can include those too. And while you’re at it you can shoot just the instruments, music books, sound equipment and any items that are music related! Please note, any recognizable faces appearing in frames require signed release forms. So if you are planning to shoot at a live performance it is better to capture the audience from behind.

Do you think you have exactly what we need?

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