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Posted Oct 21, 2020 Covington, Georgia


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Application Due Nov 30, 2020


Casting for microbudget, unpaid, non-union roles in a new short film written & directed by Joanna Brooks for festival circuit. Credit and copy of film will be given to actors. Must be available for shoot dates Nov. 4 -6th in Covington, GA. Three additional shoot dates TBD. COVID-19 safety protocols are in place.

To audition, send an email with any conflicts between Nov. 4 and Nov. 30, 2020 to Include a link to a video of a one-minute dramatic monologue of your choice. Please slate yourself at the top with your name, age, and what role you are interested in. ATTN: One Short Film {AND THE ROLE YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR} in the subject line.


LITTLE GIRL, 7 – 10 – Non-caucasian female
Wide-eyed with curiosity, she is the quintessential blend of innocence and resourcefulness. She doesn’t just want to know everything about the world around her, she wants to understand it on a fundamental level. She is acutely aware of where she fits in, and where she doesn’t. She is well-mannered at this age, but able to understand when it’s okay to break the rules. Her eyes should strike us as pure, clever, determined.

TEENAGER, 15 – Non-caucasian female
With the same honesty and intelligence in her eyes, she now has a hint of rebellious teen in her. This kid knows who she is, and she knows that compassion is more important than being cool. Her kindness is undeniable, and her developing sense of justice pervades her interactions with the world around her. Although still young enough to be idealistic, the fire in her eyes says she is beginning to understand the idea that if you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.

SENATOR, 25 – 30 – Non-caucasian female
Resolved and motivated. She is full of the kind of energy that only visionaries possess. She is fulfilling her calling to change the world for the better, but her work has only just begun.

GREETER, 50 – 60 – Caucasian male
This man is all about his civic duty. He is retired from a career in a blue-collar job where he used his hands to build something. He loves his part-time gig welcoming people to the place where they learn about their government. It makes him feel needed and important, part of something bigger than himself. He never tires of seeing children’s faces as they take in the grandiosity and scale of the capitol.

MEN’S ROOM MEN, 30-50 – any ethnicity males
Self-important, entitled, ambitious men who see the world in as binary; there is black and white, boy and girl, right and wrong (and they are always right). A little girl in their bathroom is not cute or funny, it’s disruptive.


Any and all genders, 15 – 60, all ethnicities. Please email a headshot, full-body photo, and availability. ATTN: One Short Film EXTRAS in the subject line.


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