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Posted Aug 28, 2020 Atlanta, Georgia


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Expires Sep 30, 2020


The Development Manager is the go-to staff member for all things related to bringing in outside financial resources in support of programs at the Atlanta Film Society and especially its flagship program, the Atlanta Film Festival. A vital member of the business team, they are responsible for the management and execution of the partnership activations at the Atlanta Film Festival as well as year-round programs. Corporate support and partnership is the largest single source of resources that make the programs at the ATLFS possible.

If you are interested in a staff position with ATLFS, please email a letter of interest to work@atlantafilmsociety.org with the title of the position as the subject line (one at a time, please) and your résumé attached.


  • Reports to the Business Director
  • Research, identify and cultivate prospective donors/partner relationships
  • Leads the organization’s development efforts to maintain current and grow from current levels with new sources across corporate, grant and private support, where currently:
    1. 70% Corp. Sponsorship ($300k cash, $750k in-kind from 100 partners. Goal to grow to $400k within first year)
    2. 15% Contracts for Services ($60k cash from 4 contracts. Goal to grow to $75k within first year)
    3. 10% Grant Funding ($85k-100k cash from 6 public & private grantors. Goal to grow to $125k within 2 years)
    4. 5% Private Support ($40k cash. Goal to grow to $50k within 1 year)
  • Arranges and attends meetings prospective partners, donors and funders with participation from Executive Director and Board of Directors
  • Creates sponsorship pitch proposals that reflect the goals & opportunities explored and negotiated in partnership discussions
  • Identify contracts for service opportunities that both bring earned income opportunities to the org that align with and further the organization’s mission
  • Generate customized sponsorship packages for prospective partners
  • Correspondence with prospective donors/partners
  • Lead efforts on applying for grants and progress and final reports and any actions needed to stay within compliance of grant guidelines and requirements
  • Maintains detailed records of partner, donor & funder activity in SalesForce
  • Coordinates with other departments in the organization to deliver partner benefits
  • Oversees the activations of partnership benefits leading up to and during annual festival
  • Recruit and manage Sponsor Liaison volunteers to assist during annual festival
  • Represent organization at networking/public events
  • Creates wrap reports for partners post-festival
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must have sales and/or fundraising experience with sponsorships and/or grants
  • Must have an ability to make proposals for support that speak to sponsorship and/or grant norms and requirements.
  • Must have strong organization and abilities to keep up with various deadlines across grants and workflow timelines.
  • Should have a Bachelor’s or higher in Business, Marketing, Nonprofit Management or related fields.
  • Should have experience with SalesForce, Google Drive, Airtable and Microsoft Office.
  • Should have an extensive knowledge of and love for independent cinema, film festivals, and community engagement.
  • Candidates must be capable of organizing, updating and managing client data, and proposal details to share with various departments for billing, tracking and execution.
  • Candidates should demonstrate an ability to juggle conversations and engagements with partners at various stages and lead them to committing for support.
  • Candidates must be capable of working independently day to day in terms of both time management and job execution.
  • Must be capable of professional communication with all submitters/customers via email.
  • The ideal candidate is an independent worker and self-starter with the drive to constantly innovate and improve their subsection of the festival. They must be willing to pitch in and help whenever needed in a non-profit setting with a “no job is too small” attitude. We’re a small, tight knit community and the ideal candidate must be able to work well with others and be open to a collaborative process with the rest of the programming team.


  • Prior fundraising experience required with sponsors and/or grants
  • Experience with SalesForce, Google Docs, Airtable, desired but not required.
  • Strong passion for Atlanta.
  • Amazing organizational skills and ability to manage time effectively.
  • Must be proactive, willing to take initiative, communicative, and able to work with minimal supervision and a limited budget—a very limited budget.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize effectively, anticipate needs and respond to last-minute requests.
  • Positive attitude and flexibility.
  • Similar experience and an interest in film/the arts preferred.
  • Ability to work well in team settings and provide support, as needed, to other ATLFS departments.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.


This is a full-time position with hours expected to be an average of 40 hours per week, seasonally less in the summer and more than 40 in the months leading up to the annual Atlanta Film Festival. Schedules and work days are designed to provide as much flexibility as possible while still having some common in-office days.


$40,000 Gross Salary (pro-rated depending on start date), revisited annually

Up to (62) Total Paid Days Off annually made up of:

  • (7) Paid Holidays
  • (15) Days of flexible Paid Time Off
  • (40) Avergage Days of Scheduled Office Closures

(43) Coordinated Work-from-Home Days

Flexibility in Schedule

Relaxed work environment

1% of salary match towards Simple IRA

Does not offer or include any health insurance, but does offer access to discounted supplemental insurance.


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