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, Posted Jan 13, 2021 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Expires Jan 31, 2021


Calling all artists and creative technologists interested in developing their skills in the immersive arts. The​ Media + Emerging Technology Lab​ (METL) will soon be accepting applications for the second cohort of the Immersive Storytelling Residency Program.

Immersive technologies establish a new paradigm for art and storytelling in the 21st century. The scope of the immersive experience is wide-ranging and global projects include large-scale works of artistry and beauty; powerful social impact projects creating insight and empathy; advancements in the fields of medicine, education, and business; and next-level gaming entertainment.

As one of the few immersive labs in the country to be housed in a professional arts conservatory, METL is uniquely situated to train and serve as a resource for the next generation of creative innovators. For each METL residency there will be three participants selected with complementary skill sets: a game developer, a technical artist and a screenwriter/producer. Please see role specific requirements below.

Program at a glance

  • The next residency program will run from May 1 to Nov. 1, 2021
  • Residency takes place at UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, N.C.
  • Three participants will be selected: a game developer, a technical artist and a screenwriter/producer
  • Participants receive a monthly stipend of $3,500

Residency Mentors

An integral part of the Immersive Storytelling program is learning from world-class advisors, all leaders in the immersive arts and tech field:

  • Jacquie Barnbrook, Academy Award-winning Visual Effects Producer
  • Kent Bye, host of nationally-acclaimed Voices of VR podcast
  • Navid Khonsari, Founder of iNK Stories, a NYC-based digital storytelling studio
  • Bob Keen, Chair of UNCSA Filmmaking’s Visual Effects and Immersive Media
  • Zahra Rasool, Head & Editorial Lead of Al Jazeera Contrast

Residency FAQ

Residency 2021 runs from May 1 – November 1, 2021

Unlike most programs that charge a fee for training and professional development opportunities, METL will provide each selected participant with a monthly stipend for the six-month residency. The stipend amount will be $3,500 per month.

Housing & Expenses
This stipend will help cover housing and expenses during the residency. Participants are responsible for finding their own housing in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Who Should Apply?

Applications are open to the general public. Refer to specific requirements for each role within the residency.

General Requirements: 

  • A demonstrated talent and proficiency in the residency role for which you are applying
  • Ability to collaborate with team members
  • A passion for immersive technologies (VR, AR, game engines, motion capture)
  • An interest in creating content or storytelling in immersive technologies
  • Commitment to be at UNCSA in Winston-Salem on a full-time basis or close to full-time basis for the six-month residency 
  • Ability to commit at least 30 hours per week to the residency
  • Must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States

Role Specific Requirements:

Game Developer:

  • Degree in Computer Science or similar field OR at least three years of relevant industry experience
  • Proficiency with Unreal and/or Unity Game Engines
  • Familiarity with full-stack development including mobile, front-end, and back-end
  • Strongly prefer experience in working with 3D models, textures, and gaming or digital cinematic environments

Technical Artist:

  • Degree in Design / 3D modeling or similar major OR at least three years of relevant industry experience
  • Demonstrated experience in 3D character creation and 3D modeling using 3DSMax, Blender, or similar products
  • Familiarity with game engines (Unreal and Unity), design formats (ex. FBX), textures/lighting/shading techniques
  • Animation experience preferred


  • Degree or coursework in screenwriting, creative writing or copywriting
  • Demonstrated ability via work samples to craft narratives, narrative mechanics, character creation
  • Ability to showcase creative writing through portfolio, examples, or published or produced works 
  • Project management experience
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills, problem-solver, consensus builder
  • Producing film/tv/theatre/XR is a plus

For full eligibility details and requirements click here.


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